Can A Guy Change His Mind About A Girl?

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Can A Guy Change His Mind About A Girl?Guys typically don’t change their minds about a girl.

If he turned you down when you told him how you felt about him, it was because he wasn’t into you.

If he has told you that he only sees you as a friend or he has acted as such, he sees you as a friend and that is normally how it will stay.

Yes, there are certainly cases where a guy has changed his mind about a girl.

However, those cases are not as often as you may hope.

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Most girls and guys put a person in a category once they meet them or have gotten to know them to an extent.

They will either put that person into a friendship category or a romantic category.

Once you are in a category, it is hard to break out of it.

Yes, there are many friendships that blossom to romances.

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However, oftentimes, there was already a mutual attraction in those friendships.

It is rare that a person becomes friends with someone that they find completely unattractive and eventually starts liking them romantically.

There is almost always some level of attraction to begin with even though the relationship started as one of friends.

If he has shown you in no uncertain terms that he isn’t attracted to you, it is unlikely that he will change his mind about you.

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When you dwell in the hope that he will change his mind about you some day, you essentially put your own life on hold.

You operate with a constant sense of longing.

You observe so much of what he is doing and try to deduce how those acts could relate to whether he is changing his mind about you or not.

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He may talk to you for an unusually long period of time on a certain day and you begin to tell yourself that he may be changing his mind.

After all, he never talks to you for that long.

He may have told you a number of jokes on another day and you start telling yourself that he may be changing his mind because he was trying so hard to make you laugh.

This is how you allow your mind to get the best of you when the real reality is, he did all that because he just did.

There was nothing to that.

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You have to come to terms with all of this.

It is difficult to let go of someone that you like so much.

You have most likely already created fantasies about that person in your head.

You have probably seen yourself together with that person as a couple in your fantasies.

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You have probably seen yourself being affectionate with that person as a couple in your fantasies.

It is hard letting go of him because doing so would mean letting go of such profound fantasies.

However, letting him go and understanding your reality is the best way to move forward.

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There will be more opportunities with other guys in your future.

You may not currently believe that you could possibly find another guy that you like the way you like him but you can’t say that with certainty.

Life has a way of surprising us.

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