Is He Toying With My Emotions?

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Is He Toying With My Emotions?

If he is constantly flipping back and forth between showing interest and a lack there of, he may be toying with your emotions.

There are certain guys who will do this because they enjoy the feeling of power that it gives them.

They like it when they have this kind of effect on a girl.

They know that as long as they can get away with this, they can literally control where everything leads.

It is like a rush to them that keeps them on that constant high.

When they are this high, it is very difficult to want to come back down.

It can be very addicting to know that they have this much control over your emotions. So they just keep going.

Here is the thing.

You are the one who is going to have to make it stop.

If you don’t like the fact that this guy toys with your emotions, you will have to stop giving in to what he is doing.

When you keep showing him how much what he is doing is affecting you, you will only embolden him.

You will have to stop yourself from constantly wanting more from him and being so apparent in your desires.

He knows that you want more.

He knows that you want to feel special.

He knows that you are always unsure of where this is all going and may be overeager as a result.

This all plays right into his hands.

Hence, your task is to stop it.

Stop feeding him what he wants.

The more you show him that you are craving more, the more he will toy with your emotions.

You have to give off the impression that what he is doing is having no effect on you. You have to show him that you simply have no time for it and not even acknowledging it.

He will see you going about your daily activities like nothing has happened and will begin to wonder.

He will notice that you are not falling into the trap of sending him incessant texts because he hasn’t responded to the five you sent previously and he will begin to wonder.

What could she be up to?

Why isn’t she playing along in this game that I have so elaborately set up?

Does she even notice what I am doing?

Is what I am doing having the desired effect on her?

Is she feeling me?

I don’t quite know if all this is still working on her?

He begins to ask himself these kind of questions because you are no longer falling for his bag of tricks.

You are giving him the impression that you are moving forward with your life and paying him no attention.

You are not falling for what he is doing.

You are not even giving it a chance to breath.

You have surrounded yourself with enough positive people to keep you busy and fulfilled.

When he gets a sense that he is not having an effect in your world, he will stop toying with your emotions.

This is because you didn’t allow him to gain control of the situation.

You put him in his place.

Now, he will either have to be forthright with his true motivations or take a backseat.

You are not going to be waiting on him to shape up and get his act together because you simply have no time for his silly games.

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