How Do I Get A Boyfriend?

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How Do I Get A Boyfriend?

Establishing eye contact with guys is an advantageous step in your quest to get a boyfriend.

Guys are looking for a cue.

They are looking for a girl to send them a solid sign of interest so that they make a move on her.

Make more eye contact with guys and smile.

Too hard to do?

Overcoming this hurdle is doable.

Draw inspiration from the day you are having by performing activities that make you happy.

What infuses you with happiness?


Go on jogs regularly.

Do you love to knit or design clothing, do more of that.

Do stuff you love daily.

Doing this increases your daily happiness.

When you are happy, your aura exudes positively no matter where you go.

This loosens you up, empowering you to make eye contact with people, including guys, and smiling.

Warm eye contact with guys, coupled with a smile, garners increased male attention in your life.

Suddenly, men are approaching you out of the blue, introducing themselves.

Upon connecting with one or some of these guys, you are on a path to getting a boyfriend.

Something else that works is expanding your network of friends.

Don’t be complacent sticking with the same group of friends or social circles you are a part of every single day.

Make new friends and acquaintances.

Go to new places to meet new people.

Change where you go for coffee in the morning or where you socialize on the weekends.

Socialize with the new people you encounter at these venues.

They don’t have to be guys.

Making more female friends in these new venues expands your network of friends.

Many of these new female friends have single male family members and friends.

Knowing that you are single and loving your positive personality, some of your new female friends are compelled to introduce you to a male family member or friend in the foreseeable future.

Here is another suggestion that is closer to home and well within your comfort zone.

Think about the guys who are already in your life, from the guys within your friend circle to the guys you only send messages to on holidays or birthdays.

Did any of these guys ever show romantic interest in you?

What did you do when you learned about their romantic interest in you?

Did you outright reject them or ignore them?

Has anything changed since then in how you view them?

Right now, some guys in your inner and outer circle of friends and acquaintances like you but say nothing, as you have never shown interest in them.

How funny is it to have a potential boyfriend right under your nose?

These are guys you have either turned down or ignored in the past.

Is it possible that something has changed and now you feel differently about one or more of them?

Some of these guys are single.

It’s time to take a closer look at them.

Is whatever led to you rejecting or ignoring them in the past currently a factor?

It probably isn’t.

Right in this mix is your crack at getting a boyfriend.

Inviting your friend, Joshua, whose advances you rebuffed a year ago, out for coffee or a drink, suddenly doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

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