This Boy I Like Is Confusing

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This Boy I Like Is ConfusingHe may be confusing because he doesn’t know how you feel about him.

Oftentimes, a guy is looking for signs from a girl that she likes him.

He may have been looking your way often with the hope that you would look back at him with interest. He wanted to get your attention at opportune moments but you may have ignored him.

He may have tried talking to you before but you didn’t seem that interested.

He may have given you a compliment before but you didn’t return the compliment.

There are a number of things he may have done that you didn’t really respond to.

Hence, he gets to the point where he isn’t sure whether you like him or not.

He may even believe that you don’t. However, he is still interested in you and still tries to look your way from time to time or get your attention.

If you can take a look at your behavior when he is around or when you interact with him, you may be able to tell whether you have been behaving in a way that would make him feel like you aren’t interested in him.

Perhaps this is a guy that you know and you are even friends with.

Perhaps you have a lot of conversations together and they seem to go well.

He may compliment you from time to time or really try to make you laugh.

Perhaps your conversations even lead to flirting.

You may look at all these moments as signs that he is interested in you.

Yet, he doesn’t seem to be making a move on you in terms of asking you out and you are wondering why he is being confusing.

You should understand that though he may be exhibiting signs that would normally indicate that a guy is interested in you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is.

There are guys who just love to flirt and they don’t mean to take it any further than that.

There are guys who love to compliment in order to make the girl feel good but they don’t mean to take it any further than that.

There are guys who love to crack jokes and make a girl laugh but they don’t mean to take it any further than that.

The best way to know that he truly likes you and wants to be with you is when he follows all that up with actual action.

Hence, the test of time is a big factor in all of this.

If he is still not making a definitive move on you to ask you out or be with you in a romantic relationship after a decent amount of time has passed, there is a good chance that he doesn’t want to take the relationship in a romantic direction.

Also, by observing if he treats other girls in a similar fashion as he treats you, you would know whether he has been singling you out or not.

If he talks and treats other girls the same way he does you, you are nothing special to him as far as romance is concerned.

This is a possible reality that you should also consider because you can easily tell yourself that there is something special about you.

Perhaps he did something the other day that made you think that you were special to him or different.

However, do understand that he may be the kind that does all this for a purpose.

Some guys are able to manipulate girls by acting in this way.

Hence, it’s crucial that you don’t jump into conclusions about how this guy truly feels about you until you have observed him long enough to make an educated judgment.

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8 thoughts on “This Boy I Like Is Confusing”

  1. So he says he wants to be intimate with me..this had happened before and I said lets be friends.cause he had trust issues cause of his past relationship..i like him so I said i am willing to give it a try he made plans for fri..ok wirk..changed to sat txing he said I will call u when coming back from san Diego..this is a.m. so I said i am babysitting to 8 tonight.he said K..I then again to him I am looking forward to seeing u tonight…no answer….
    My gut feeling says he is going to want to reschdueal again for whatever reason..I made sure my daughter in law gets back on time .so I can meet him to night…
    This is not the 1st time he had rescheduled with me 2 or 3x in a row cause of work..had to fly out.i have a client from Euroup i need to attend to..ect. HELP

  2. Hi Bea,

    If he keeps rescheduling like this, he may not be serious about meeting up with you. He has trust issues from a past relationship and he may have never gotten over them.

    Hence, whenever he sets a date, he reschedules in order to avoid putting himself in a position where he may get emotionally closer to someone, which would be you.

    As long as he is able to keep you at a distance for the most part, he feels safer.

    He has already rescheduled 2 or 3 times in a row now.

    Taking that into account, you may be better off giving him some time and space to work out his issues.

    Otherwise, he will keep doing this.

  3. This guy I’ve been talking to since November and got really close to, blocked me on everything this morning for no reason. Nothing even happened between us and we were really good friends up until this point. I helped him to get with his girlfriend but now people are saying that was only a way of getting close to me and that he likes me? But he’s in Australia and I’m in Ireland

  4. Hi Robyno,

    Since he blocked you on everything all at once, it was probably an impulsive move. Hence, it will most likely be short-lived and he will unblock you in the near future.

    However, he may be having an internal conflict with himself as he tries to figure out what kind of relationship he has with you.

    If he does have feelings for you, he may be worried that you don’t feel the same way. If he doesn’t have feelings for you, he may be worried that he will ultimately start developing feelings if he keeps maintaining the friendship.

    Hence, when he unblocks you, it would be a good idea to have an honest conversation with him about your relationship and what kind of romantic feelings both of you may or may not have for one another.

  5. I see this man twice a week when he delivers to our store. My co-workers are convinced he flirts with me and is infatuated with me. I at first thought they were nuts. In a way I still think they are. He jokes with me in a very pleasant way, he holds eye contact with me any chance he gets. He seems shy in a way. His body and feet are always pointed at me. This has been going on for quite a while now. I developed a crush on him. He doesn’t act this way with any of my co-workers. I can’t really directly approach him about because I do not want to make things awkward. I am not a teenager. I am in my 50’s. He is as well. I am not sure why he does what he does because he has never asked me out or suggested going out. I am at the point where I am going to let this go. How do I stop him flirting with me without causing conflict? I am not sure how to act around him. I am very friendly and outgoing which often times gets misconstrued as “flirting”. I don’t want to be unfriendly either. I just want to put a stop to this in a friendly and professional manner as I do not see this going anywhere.

  6. Hi Silvia,

    If you truly want to stop him from flirting with you and do so without causing conflict, just avoid responding to his flirtatious words or gestures.

    In other words, keep your body language and what you say as unflirtatious as possible.

    Avoid maintaining eye contact with him or laughing at his jokes.

    Act professionally around him.

    Since you are very friendly and outgoing in general, dial it back with him. Be polite but avoid any stretches of interaction with him.

    In essence, keep yourself busy so that he doesn’t find an excuse to talk to you or focus on you for any significant length of time.

    As long as you do these things over a sustained period of time, he will eventually get it and will stop giving you so much attention.

  7. That is great advice and just in time for tomorrow. Thank you very much! I appreciate it. After this long of time, one would think he would have made a move of some sort. I would have gone out with him. I think I did make that clear as well. Not sure what his deal is. All I know is, I give up. Nice of you to respond so fast. Glad I asked you! Keep up the good work!

  8. Let me just say I never had a crush on him or noticed him. He noticed me.
    Why would he act interested and caring but not contact me?
    He approached me and asked for my snapchat and I found out that he’s wanted to do that for a while as he’s noticed me. On text he came across really shy and I constantly had to re-assure him. He even ‘gave me space’ when he thought I was pissed. TODAY I found out he has a whole girlfriend AND talks to other girls. Not only that, the girlfriend KNOWS.
    He doesn’t contact me, is he not interested?
    Was that all fake? I dont understand.

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