What Can I Do When The Girl I Like Doesn’t Like Me Anymore But She Used To And I Just Can’t Move On But I Act Like I Did?

You are holding on to the hope that she comes around to liking you again, being that you still like her.

What Can I Do When The Girl I Like Doesn't Like Me Anymore But She Used To And I Just Can't Move On But I Act Like I Did?This is where you are acting like you don’t like her, attempting to show her that you have moved on, when you haven’t.

Accept the reality that she doesn’t like you anymore.

The only person that you are deceiving is yourself.

Come to terms with the fact that she doesn’t like you anymore.

That has to be crystal clear in your mind.

Avoid the games that your mind plays on you when you do this.

It goes to events in the past where she showed how much she liked you.

It makes you latch on to those fleeting moments, making you think that it is bound to happen again.

You get sucked into this frame of mind.

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That day was so amazing and you got along so well.

She kept laughing at your jokes, touching and teasing you as she did.

She was looking at you so romantically and longingly.

These images become so overwhelming in your mind that you get lost in them.

It is from this imagery that you give yourself false hope, banking on her changing her mind and liking you again.

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You act like you have moved on, even though you haven’t, as you struggle not to give anything away.

You believe that if you were to act in any other way, you ruin your chances of her liking you again.

So you act tough, even though deep within, you are hoping that she changes her mind.

You are wasting your time as you get sucked into this manner of thinking and behavior.

Accept your current reality and avoid creating false hope.

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Yes, you had a good experience with her in the past.

Cherish those moments, but tuck them away somewhere in your mind as a good memory, and set out to create new ones.

Your mindset has to be one of moving forward.

As human beings, we have various experiences that are good and bad.

These end up defining the person that we are.

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Our job is to take that history and learn from them.

This is what enables us to grow to become better people.

Life is a series of experiences that you learn from, and that adds to your general persona, facilitating in you moving forward without constantly latching on to said experiences.

Coming to terms with your reality is your first step.

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