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  1. I would really like to email you personally my question about my situation.. Kinda shy and don’t want to have all my business on a web page. Any way I can?

  2. Hi Luke,

    Just wanted to say I love watching your YouTube videos. I’m a 37 year old female and still completely confused about men but your advice has helped me a lot. I wish I had had someone give me the great advice you give back when I was a teenager! Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi HD,

    I am glad that you love watching the YouTube videos and that the advice has helped you a lot.

    Life is a learning experience.

    As long as you are willing to learn and adapt, your chances of having a happy dating and relationship life increase tremendously.

  4. Hi Peter,


    I hope that you continue to apply what you have learned from the YouTube videos and keep growing for the better in your dating and relationship life.

  5. I think you are very attractive,I like your accent,and you give great advice .thank you Like keep up the Great work.?

  6. Bro, you are the real deal. I usually don’t watch/read relationship based videos or blogs because they be corny but yours are very mature and wise. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Luke,
    My name is Vera and I work privately as a psychologist. I am directed mostly towards couples therapy .

    Seeing your videos i was impressed by the fact, that more or less in one minute and using a calm, warm, plain, uplifting and direct way , you made clear and understandable gender differences and the way for a man and a woman to communicate more effectively.

    So it was like saying the truth is right in front of you , it is not complicated and dont waste your mind and emotion energy trying to find hidden truths and complicated meanings behind his/her actions and words.
    You answered valuable questions, including overlooked details that no psychology text book i know, would have included.

    My impression was that what you say, you practice in your everyday life… so it was not only the content of your words but the authentic way, you said it.

    I would like to say a thank you and hope you continue evolving and inspiring us with your thesis, as to what is important when two human beings come across in life !

  8. Hi Vera,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You are absolutely right.

    Sometimes we make things more complicated than they really are. Sometimes the answer is right there in front of us if only we are willing to accept it.

    Accepting it is typically the hard part.

  9. Dear Luke,

    Thank you for your advice. I have watched countless videos on YouTube made by you and must say, they are all inspiring. Your wisdom and knowledge in each topic has allowed me to heal each day. I refer to coming across your work as ‘a divine encounter’. You tell the truth that most men won’t, and you seem to cater to hurting women. I appreciate your gift, and look forward to watching more of your ministry unfold through truth.

    May God continue to bless and keep you

  10. Greetings Luke, you definitely have a gift to articulate the situation very well; I like the way you try to keep a positive spin on any given situation. The videos are excellant. Now I no longer have to keep bugging my friends with relationship advice, I can tune into your videos.

  11. Hi Luke,

    Thank you for your uplifting and transparent videos that helps bring clarity to wondering minds. Your videos are awesome!
    Ok so here is my question and or thought: I’m very attracted to this guy and I’m starting to like him as well. I believe he likes me because he keeps staring and smiling, making jokes to make me laugh. I mean its like I have his undivided attention when I visit his place of worship and other people are noticing it too but the setting makes it difficult to have an intimate or more private encounter for him to ask me out?? What’s your advice??

  12. Hi Luke,
    First of all thank you for guiding and supporting all the needers here. Thank you much, it is a blessing indeed.
    I will try to keep it short. We belong to south India, belonging to different states, languages, cultural follow up, same religion.
    I met my best half from previous working place. Sooner we developed close relationship, we had taken it to families at same time they
    were fixing other match for me. My father got into some surgery, and it was all utilized to black mail me. But he was so supportive
    through chats, I was like almost house arrest for 15days. Somehow the other marriage got called off and we we both started to
    become more confident about our relationship growing.
    His side, his mom was a cancer patient and was not accepting for us, coz of age, state difference. (am 32, he is 28).
    Also she was little connected with his ex too, and could not immediately accept this. He lost his father during school days,
    he loves his mom very much. We tried we will get legally registered married, but since it would hurt his mom
    I respected that all the time, even though we(I) fight we calm off. He is very patient in handling and truly lovable.
    Now it has been close to 4yrs our relation, we moved to different city 2 yrs ago coz of job change.
    We started to live-in no to miss our life util families agree. I used to feel insecure or shame by the way localites and
    neighbors would think of us. Coz live-in is not much common here, mostly Indian traditional follows of marriage and relationship
    is always based on elders approval or elders choice. He would understand me and help me in overcoming certain fears.
    I was relaxed only when he met my father asking for traditional processes to take it to next level.
    He also noted that difference and was happy atlast he was able to make an attempt to proceed for next level.
    My father is not much ok, but my mother, sisters were all ok for me to chose and live happy in life I wanted.
    Finally his mom agreed when she was nearing her last days of treatments in vein. Exactly it was 1yr back that she accepted for us,
    and started the traditional marriage process. She collapsed and fell serious with lung failure.
    After so much chaos, I, one of my married sister and mom traveled to meet his mother at hosiptal and offer respect,
    as we know it is the ending time for her. His relatives knowing or unknowingly made use of the chance and started
    to ask us to proceed with marriage when his mom was almost half dying. If I was not ready, to fullfill his mother wish to
    see him married. His side people were ready to give their daughters. My mother has clearly stated that according to his
    tradition we are ready to wait, this is painful moment and all needs to take care of the dying mother. We started back to our place,
    2 days later he pinged me that his mom died and rituals have been performed.
    I too have age old parents, I did not have anyone to accompany me to visit them. I cant travel alone, as it will call disrespect
    to him, me, the family and in general the way of brought up. Because it is not that easy for people to welcome just a single arrived
    girl in the society here. He also advice me not to come alone, as he cant handle problem if his relatives fall on me. For they were
    angry that the marriage did not happen. I also say him that we must marry first to unite the families, instead of waiting or trying
    hard to make people undestand. I also say him that it is not disrespect to anyone of them, it is only that both sides have diferent people
    with different perceptions. It is hard to unite them first and start our lives. But his point is always families are first important.
    After such incidents, he slowly started to be rude with me, his side pressure. He started to feel guilty that he sent his mom with pain.
    People around are cursing him that he did injustice to his mother and that I am also a reason for that. He returned back and went off to
    stay alone in a home with no friends. I understood that he needs space and time, there would not be much reply from him. But somehow
    tried connecting, it looked like except family matters, we are improving on relationship and intimacy.
    Intially he used to say he cant be normal with me as he hurted his mom for me. Then slowly he told he movd alone cause of his relatives pressure.
    Then suddenly once he asked me what I will do, because his people anyhow will not leave him alone and get him married. Then I asked him, are people so powerful,
    because his own mother though did not accept quickly did not push him to such situation of getting married to whom they prefer. He is hard shell, but behind it
    too sensitive and emotional. I tried my best not to nag him more, at time of emotion could not stop it from saying how long we have struggled and
    it is not correct to give up now. Here it is a follow to offer 1st year anniversary prayers with family and close relations.
    He has a married elder brother and his maternal grand mother. He some months back used to say he has only them,
    he cant leave them and come for me, he cannot agree with them and ruin someone else life. I tried to convince him am not asking him to leave anyone.
    But what must I do for them to accept me in their family.
    Recently I was asking him about the rituals dates, if it will it be ok if my family people can join it.
    He was so sharp and rude in response, you know that I cant marry you. I trying to express in all possible manner I am there for him
    always, am ready to leave anything and everything just to live with him. Fight started over in message, I many times told him sorry
    as I was also helpless to decide when we were surrounded by families.
    I also informed him that parents have come for health check up, will he and his family accept me if I lose or be away from them.
    He instantly replied parents are more important than anyone, dont do such mistakes. Then I asked him what else was my mistake
    I dont understand, please accept and forgive for whatever I did. You are more important to me and would come any moment for him.
    After two days of that all sudden, this is the very very first time that he has blocked me on whatsapp. He also exited from a group where my sister,
    me and he used to be there for second time. Thought the group was inactive for the past on year. Few months back I came to know his number change through that group, I fighted in text for that.
    also when we met as usual the ex keep chasing him on calls or messages. He would block and unblock, never attend calls.
    We used to discuss there when we were in normal mode. I sms’d him that if he has gone for the rituals to his native, offer prayers
    to his mom peacefully. Now it has been more than a week, he has not unblocked me. I kept him sms today that he is emotioally hurting both of us,
    I cant live without him, would always love him and be there for him. My mother used to be in good terms with him,
    but after these incidents he responded or met me itself was a great thing.
    His number changes nobody from home got from me or troubled him. They are just waiting for things to get better within ourselves.
    My mother thinks him as a son, and so she is emotionally down to hear the behaviors now he shows up. I dont want to involve elders
    now and complicate again, what more I must do I dont know.
    What is running in his mind what kind of support I must provide I dont know.

  13. Hi Luke,
    In the past I’ve been hurt and I think this is affecting me now.There is a guy with who I am communicating with,for two months now.He is texting me everyday,asking me about myself,my parents,my life in general,he is very curious and kind and honest I belive,he really got my attention.We went out two times,we liked each other.I heard a few things about his past,he was a bit problematic,not in essence of big problems,but you now adolesence stuff with friends and that worried me.However,he told me that part,and he told me that he is a shy person,he holds back his feelings a lot,and he said I am trying so hard to not mess this up,and i feel jealous and I fear of loosing you,and i like you because you always look at the positive side of the things,he said im beautiful and i have a good sincere soul.Our characters seems to be exactly the same,i hold back a lot too and Im mostly in doubt.He always answers sincerely and it matches with his actions,but i just fear.I study nursing and he works he does not study,he now went from being a problematic person to a shy and quiet one.Im in doubt because i want to know him better so I can create something with him later on,something serious not to just pass time.He is very interested to create something with me and he is very careful in what he says,because of the fear of loosing me,but there is something that it is bothering him,i do not know it is like he fears a lot and I do too.I do not want to loose the communication with him either but I have the fear of loosing time and falling in love again and feeling dissapointed again.And I really do not know what to do,i feel like im not in such balance and I am asking too much from him,where in fact i should decide with myself first! Also when we go out,I feel like im not being myself,I feel nervous and scared though i do not show it much.I have everything on track,my studies,my financial life,my friendships,family this is the only part where im indecisive.I think he is a good guy and I wouldn’t want to mess it up either,just because I fear.What should I do? And how to make him open up more so i will feel more sure about where this is heading? And he also told me that his father is very happy that he is talking to me because he knows my family and he knows what kind of people we are, and he also knows that he cannot play with me and has to be very sincere with me.Do you think his efforts are real,or he’s just trying to mess around so he could say that he dated me just to show off! Also,he remembers everything i say,he brings up things that we talked long time ago,and everytime im out he is out to see me, and one day i met a friend and he huged me.Later on he texted me and said I saw the way he huged you,and I felt so destroyed and angry and jealous.He says that he didn’t go out with women much,only 3 and one of his past girlfriends cheated on him so he doesn’t want to talk much about it.Sometimes i want to see him and other times i just don’t want to.It is a mess in my head!! Though i feel comfortable with him,something inside me feels it that he is a good person!. I would like to mention though that I am not a girl who changes guys and it is not something that i want to do so,maybe this is why I fear!.Also he sometimes unknowingly mentions some things like two years or one year earlier about me,when in fact we were not communicating! It is like he knows a lot about me and this confuses me!!!
    Thank you Luke,i appreciate your advices and your thoughts a lot!

  14. Good day, I watch your videos very often and I love how straight to the point you are.
    I live in the Caribbean and in a long distance relationship for over a year now. I am very distraught…He and I have never met each other in person but we talked continually via telephone and video. We were planning to be married and we had agreed that I was the one who would relocate. After about 3 months he cussed me out really bad and disrespected me by calling me really nasty names like bitch, whore ass, etc just because I disagreed with him on certain things about religion. He told me to go kill myself and said he hopes I go to hell with gas pants on. He came back and asked for forgiveness but the behavior continued. He would hang up on me and be very disrespectful all the time but he would come back begging for forgiveness.
    One early morning he called crying saying his ex had killed herself because of me and him being together. I cried with him only to find out he lied and his ex is alive and kicking…He hang up on me when I confronted him about it.Of course he came begging and apologizing. He would randomly tell me he cheated then tell me he was joking as he just wanted me to love him more. He told me he has a house and a good job and I found out he lied about that too. He has nothing. Not that I am materialistic but why lie? After 9 months together he moved to another state to be with someone else and cheated and I didn’t hear from him for a month. He blew up my phone telling me he made a mistake as he was lonely and should have just waited for me. I don’t trust him at all anymore yet I feel so much love for him. He talks to women online as when I call him sometimes it says he is always on another call. I think he has cheated more than that time I know about as he did deny it but I got it out of him. He gets mad easily when I ask him questions. He is always lying and defending his lies. I know what to do and I try stay away but when he keeps calling I answer and we are back . We have broken up and made up many times …It really hurts as I had really hoped I had met the right guy.. There is so much more which I can’t remember right now. Please please, what do I do? I feel like I just want to disappear.

  15. Hi. First, I couldn’t flirt my way out of a paper bag, nor do I want to when I’m at a business function. Im not trying to get a date or hit on anyone. But inevitably when I introduce myself to a male attendee, within 20 seconds they mention their wife or girlfriend..
    Except for a business handshake I never make physical contact in any way. I don’t think I stand too close or do flirty things with my face… why do men think they have to communicate some sort of boundary? I find it insulting and end up feeling crappy about myself… wondering if they thought I was trying to hit on them when I had no intention whatsoever. Can you offer any insight?

  16. Hi Luck

    I am glad that i found your youtube chanel while i was looking for answeres to my concerns.

    I would love to book a session with you but im waiting until i am ready to talk, i need to be clear anout my thoughts.

    Thank you so much, you are the best xo

  17. Hi Luke,
    I’ve had a girl who I’ve liked since junior year who is in a different grade than I am. I want to be in a relationship with her but she hasn’t been showing me that she wants to be in a relationship with me since she thinks of me as her friend. I’d love to ask her out on a date but she isn’t allowed to date yet unfortunately and neither am I. But I’m holding out hope for it for her even though like I said she isn’t showing me that she wants to be in a relationship with me. We’ve texted each other and talked to each other whenever we can see each other in person. The reason why I want to be in a relationship with her is because I think she’s very sweet and very beautiful and I also think we’d be a good couple me and her. I took her to homecoming one time and I thought she would fall for me but she never did which upset me a lot. A little bit later I avoided her for a couple months and she gave me a card for my birthday which I thought was unexpected but very thoughtful. She said to me a lot of nice things about me in the card which made me feel good. I thought about asking her to prom but she ended up going with another guy which made me jealous because of how I had someone I liked was going with someone else and not with me. The next thing I did was write her a letter telling her how sorry I was for avoiding her and said how she didn’t like me in a romantic sense and that it hurt me deep inside. Ever since than we’ve talked but I feel like she will fall for someone else instead of me since I’m not in school and she still is and after all she will be a senior and there’s a good chance I think she will like someone else. I’ve talked to my mom about ways I can communicate with her and she suggested things like calling her, writing her letters, and visiting her when she works. I still would like to ask her out on a date still but it’s unknown to me when she will be allowed to date. I feel like if I stick with her and be assertive she will probably like me but I don’t know. What should I do?

  18. Hi I really love your videos on YouTube but could you please post some videos about after getting divorce situation like how much should you talk about your past relationship

  19. On your talking to your crush when your antisocial video on YouTube. Just wanted to say antisocial is also a diagnosis also

  20. Dear Luke,
    My name is Nuno and I need your help, if I pay the 125$ will it be a face to face Skype, would like to talk about reflection about some questions I have.

  21. Hey Luke. Love your videos. I’m wondering where I can ask questions that appear on your youtube videos?

  22. I couldn’t thank u enough for ur precious advices that saved my life many, many times. You are always on spot. There’s been more than 5 years that I count on your manly points of view to give me some perspective over situations. You do a great favor to humankind. Do never stop developing your skills as a counselor. All the best to u!

  23. Greetings Mr. Luke,

    I’m glad to have you featured in a round-up post I’m composing for a high profile and popular healthcare website on “Top 15 relationship experts share 3 important reasons to have post-breakup therapy.”

    I will be highly obliged to have your valued contribution to this.

    The inquiry is: According to you, what are the 3 most compelling reasons to opt for therapy and seek medical help after going through a break-up or a divorce? Please feel free to share some tips to feel better and repair one’s emotional and mental health.

    I know your time is precious, so I need not more than 200 words from you. I’ll certainly include a link to your site and Twitter profile in the post.

    Thank you for your time,

    Dewey Torres

  24. Hi Luke,

    I just wanted to say that you are hands down one of the most authentic and intelligent dating coaches on YouTube. These days YouTube is filled with a lot of anti rhetoric, but your channel gives us the sincere and grounded guidance we all need. Have you ever considered doing live YouTube sessions? You give advice from such a humble perspective and I’m rooting for your business to soar. Keep the great work! You’re amazing!

  25. Hello, can you please give some advice as to what to do with a fiance who has a porn addiction? Uses porn as a way to deal with stressful situations? Even the porn influencing his bedroom performance?

  26. Question: I’m a gay male, I’m 42. I have never known romantic love. I’ve never been in a relationship. Do you guys have or can you recommend. Book or two about living a life without knowing love or companionship?

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