Is It Better To Be Friends Before Dating Someone Or Not?

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Is It Better To Be Friends Before Dating Someone Or Not?

It is better to be friends before dating someone.

However, you shouldn’t be the kind of friends who haven’t disclosed their intentions or shown romantic interest.

You have to avoid this at all costs if you want to succeed at ultimately dating this person.

You should be the kind of friends that are aware that there is definitely physical attraction there but you are both willing to work on a friendship first.

This is how you can make this work.

The problem that people often have when they try to be friends before dating someone is that they never let their intentions be known or clear.

They just act like they are a normal friend when in fact they do have romantic interest.

As a result, the other friend may have no idea that there is more to this than just a friendship.

They develop the mindset that all you are is a friend.

When that happens, it will be a lot harder for you to be seen as a date in the future.

The friend has put you in a category.

They would rather keep you there so that they don’t lose the friendship.

This is the danger you will face if you don’t approach this the right way.

There is nothing wrong with letting each other know that there is romantic interest or physical attraction early on.

This sets the tone for the friendship in that both parties will know what they are about to get into.

It allows both parties to think in a different way.

As they build their friendship, they may be prone to flirting from time to time and even going on dates that don’t involve other friends.

These are the moments that could lead to more romantic dates in the future as you both begin to feel more comfortable doing this.

You should also ensure that you keep the relationship fluid and consistent.

You can’t be in and out of each other’s lives so infrequently.

The channel of communication should be consistent.

The flirting should be consistent.

The moments spent alone should be consistent.

The compliments should be consistent.

The sarcasm and banter should be consistent.

Do activities together that will require the both of you to work together as a team.

This tends to create more trust in a relationship.

You could become hiking buddies or workout partners.

Those moments when you are together, working hard and encouraging each other will help to build camaraderie.

This is how you are building your friendship.

The more you learn to trust each other and be there for each other through these team challenges, the easier it will be to transition from a friendship into a romance.

This is how you do it.

Don’t get complacent in merely being a friend.

Don’t get complacent in not showing your romantic intentions.

That is where you can easily fail and fall into the friend zone.

You have to be bold and unafraid to show your romantic interest while building a friendship.

This makes everything so much more clearer and gives you a strong degree of intention.

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