Is It Better To Be Friends Before Dating Someone Or Not?

It is better to be friends before dating someone, as this creates the healthiest and longest-lasting relationships.

Is It Better To Be Friends Before Dating Someone Or Not?Nonetheless, don’t be that friend who doesn’t disclose their romantic intentions or show romantic interest.

Though you are friends, there is romantic interest and that mustn’t be lost.

Be a friend that is aware that there is definitely physical attraction.

A blunder people make is when they choose to be friends with someone without making them aware of their romantic interest.

Unwisely, they behave as a normal friend, never indicating a hint of romantic interest.

The other friend has no idea that there is romantic interest, and develops a mindset that you are strictly a friend.

When that happens, it is a lot harder for you to be seen as a potential romantic partner in the future.

The friend has put you in a category of platonic friendship.

They keep you in this category so that they don’t ever misconstrue the nature of the relationship and risk losing said friendship.

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There is nothing wrong with letting each other know that there is romantic interest or physical attraction early on.

This sets the tone for the friendship, enlightening the two parties about what they are about to get into.

As they build their friendship, they flirt from time to time and go on dates that don’t involve other friends.

These are the moments that lead to additional romantic dates in the future, as you two build camaraderie and romantic chemistry.

Be consistent in how you two maintain your relationship.

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Maintaining consistent communication is a must.

Flirt, spend alone time together, banter, go out together, etc.

This keeps the friendship and potential romance going at a intentional pace.

Do activities together which requires teamwork.

Whether it be as hiking buddies, workout partners, in household tasks, etc.

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This is how trust is built.

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Whether it be platonic or romantic.

As this foundation of trust and camaraderie develops, a seamless transition from friendship to romance has a higher likelihood of happening.

A fine line needs to be threaded before this transition happens, between your friendship and the possibility of romance.

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Too much friendship without romantic gestures, leans too heavily on the friendship.

This jeopardizes the possibility of romance in the future.

Too much emphasis on romantic gestures, leans too heavily on a desire for a romantic outcome, which robs your relationship of the friendship it requires so as to develop camaraderie.

A good blend of the two works best.

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