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Book A Consultation

Book A Consultation


This is a comprehensive coaching package that gets you 8 consecutive weekly sessions with me at a discounted rate.

If you would rather do more than one session a week, we can do that too.

Whether you want to delve deeper into a particular dating or relationship issue that you are currently having or prefer getting more in-depth training to help you work on what needs fixing so that you can find and keep the love of your life, purchasing a bundle gets you the best bang for your time and money.

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How To Get A Girl Out Of My Mind?

How To Get A Girl Out Of My Mind?

If this is a girl that you know is unavailable to you because she is currently in a relationship with someone else, you should accept that.

To get her out of your mind, you need to understand that she is not with you and thereby isn’t emotionally available to you.

You should avoid creating stories in your mind about how wonderful it would be to be in a relationship with her.

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