Am I Friendzoned?

Am I Friendzoned?

If she is not responding to your flirting, you are friendzoned.

If she doesn’t return your compliments, you are friendzoned.

If she will never hang out with you alone but will always bring her friends along, you are friendzoned.

If she is always talking about how cute some other guy is, you are friendzoned.

In all honesty, you can probably already tell that you are friendzoned.

It’s just that you are so caught up in how much you like her.

You want more than anything for her to be your girlfriend.

You want more than anything for her to tell you how much she wants to be with you.

You will overlook all of the very obvious signs that she has shown you in order to make yourself believe that you aren’t friendzoned.

When was the last time she asked you out to do something with her one on one?

When was the last time she asked you about what kind of girl you are into or tend to be attracted to?

When was the last time she asked you if you were dating anyone?

When was the last time she told you that she would really love to learn more about you?

These moments have probably never happened to you.

She is perfectly content getting to know you on a surface level.

She doesn’t need that much information. Just enough to know that you are someone that she can trust enough to hang out with along with her friends or yours.

She doesn’t care to know any more.

She is perfectly fine with what she knows now.

She knows that she can rely on you to make her feel better when she has a problem with a guy she likes or is dating.

She knows that you will be there to comfort her and say nice words.

However, once she feels better, she goes right back to him and you are left wondering why.

You are so aghast about this kind of behavior.

Perhaps you feel that she is just going through a phase but eventually she will come to her senses.

However, quite a bit of time has passed and she is still with him.

You are wondering why this is and when will she ever come around.

She won’t come around to you.

She may get over this guy one day but she will only move on to the next one while you are still left standing and waiting.

You have been waiting all this time and yet she still doesn’t see you the way you want her to.

You are just her friend. You will have to come to terms with the fact that she sees you as just a friend if you hope to move forward with your life.

No matter how much you wish she would change, chances are very unlikely that she will.

She has put you in the category of friendship and it’s unlikely that you will ever get out of it.

You will be doing yourself a favor by accepting this and moving on.

You don’t know how many opportunities to be with other girls that you have wasted in the hopes that she will finally see you as more than a friend.

Take your opportunities now and move forward with your life.

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2 thoughts on “Am I Friendzoned?”

  1. Hi Nada,

    It may mean that he does care about you but only as a friend.

    When a guy tells you that you are like his family, he is typically telling you that he cares about you the way he would his sibling.

    Hence, it is more of a friend vibe that he is feeling for you than a romantic one.

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