How To Go About Moving From Dating To A Relationship?

When you are finding it challenging to move your dating relationship with this guy into a serious relationship, ask him what he wants out of your relationship with him.

How To Go About Moving From Dating To A Relationship?It is important to have an idea of what his intentions are and where his head is.

People often get worried when they are in this situation.

They worry that by asking him what he wants, they would be acting too pushy or needy.

That isn’t true.

If you have been dating this guy for several months or a good while, you do need to know what his intentions are.

From time to time, you get the impression that he is wondering whether this is an exclusive relationship.

Other times, you get the impression that he looks at you as someone he is strictly dating without labels.

This makes you conflicted and confused.

But, you don’t have to stay in this state of confusion.

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If you have been dating him over the course of the last few months, it wouldn’t be odd to ask him about his intentions and what he wants out of the relationship.

This is where to do some real talk with him.

This is where you find out where his head is at, and whether he is looking to get serious with this relationship.

Should he not give you a definitive answer, he would be demonstrating that he wants to keep the relationship that you have with him in the dating stage.

This is when you have to reevaluate your relationship with him.

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Knowing that you want a relationship that is more serious, you are better off moving on, and not wasting your time with him.

When his answer is ambiguous, he isn’t taking your relationship with him seriously, and it is unlikely that you move from dating to a relationship.

You don’t want to fall into the trap of staying in a dating relationship that you hope gets serious in the future, only to find yourself waiting indefinitely.

When you wait like this, you end up being cast aside for that special someone that he wants to have a relationship with.

After several months of dating, a guy is going to know whether he wants to move the dating into a serious relationship.

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He knows whether you are the girl that he wants to be with over the long term.

If he can’t give you that as a straight answer, he isn’t intent on moving the dating into a relationship.

Not now nor at any juncture in the future.

Recognize how the dating process works.

When a guy believes that he has been doing the lion’s share of initiating in terms of dates and communication, he wants you to chip in and take some initiative too.

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In this context, you are being proactive in initiating, and this is what inspires him to propose a serious relationship.

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