Would A Guy Lie About His Feelings?

Would A Guy Lie About His Feelings?

Some guys lie about their feelings when they know it gives them an advantage.

Knowing that by telling you he cares about you, he gets what he wants from you, he tells you that.

In the same vain, knowing that by telling you he agrees with something that you said he gets you to stop asking him about that particular topic, he does it to get you to stop asking him.

It depends on the guy you are talking to and the relationship you have had with him up until now.

To figure out whether he is telling the truth or lying about his feelings, observe his body language, the content of what he says, and what he does afterward.

When he speaks to you with direct eye contact and doesn’t avert it much by looking away, it’s a sign he is being sincere and not lying about his feelings.

Furthermore, there aren’t too many breaks in-between what he is saying.

With too many breaks, he is taking the time to think up a lie or an elaborate story that isn’t true.

That’s how his mind is working.

When he speaks naturally like he would in conversation, there is an ease and flow to his words that indicate he is speaking from the heart and being truthful about his feelings.

His body faces yours and he is close to you.

This means he isn’t deflecting the topic.

He is facing the topic head-on and is in your physical space.

Additionally, he is descriptive when he talks about his feelings.

When he is truthful about his feelings, he is specific as to what he is feeling and gives you dates and times that he had these feelings.

He is detailed in what he tells you, using descriptive words.

When he is lying about his feelings, he is relatively vague in what he tells you.

He won’t give you too much explanation and sounds rushed as though he wants to end the topic as quickly as possible.

Observe what he does after this conversation.

When he is showing you true signs of affection or whatever feelings he mentioned in your conversation with him, he is truthful.

His actions over a relatively long and consistent period of time from here on out is normally a strong indicator of how he truly feels.

Let him to back up what he has said through how he behaves.

For this to work, avoid bringing up the topic for a while.

A guy who keeps acting right, without you having to constantly remind him about his feelings, is being truthful.


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