Would Dating Someone Out Of Your League Make You Feel Insecure In The Relationship?

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Would Dating Someone Out Of Your League Make You Feel Insecure In The Relationship?

Dating someone out of your league is not really something you should be so concerned with.

There is a reason why that person has chosen to be with you even though you may believe that she is out of your league.

Feeling insecure about it will only make you feel awkward and unsure of yourself in the relationship.

You may even allow the power structure of the relationship to become influenced by this notion.

You may allow her to have full control of the relationship simply because you believe that she is doing you such a big favor in dating you.

This is honestly one of the worst approaches anyone can have when they are in a relationship.

You have to look at yourself as an equal in the relationship.

You have to be proud of what you bring to the relationship as an individual.

She isn’t doing you a favor by being with you. You are both in this because you have found something in each other that you are drawn to.

Hence, you must stop this way of thinking.

It is what leads to insecurity.

You will be unable to truly give all of yourself to the relationship because you will be constantly worried about how she will feel about this or that.

You may be so worried that you may lose this person who is out of your league that you acquiesce to everything that she wants.

You forget that you are also an important part of the relationship who also has needs.

Instead, you allow your partner to get whatever or do whatever she wants.

This again does create imbalance in the relationship.

You will get to the point where you are in a relationship to serve her and not to serve each other.

Also, you do need to understand that a lot of your reasoning about this may be based on what society has told you is out of your league.

You may have primarily seen a particular type of person used in media as the the epitome of beauty and align that to your partner.

She looks just like those women you see on TV.

That’s got to mean that she is the definition of physical beauty.

You on the other hand never see anyone that resembles you used in media as the epitome of beauty.

As a result you believe that you aren’t worthy of being considered attractive.

Well, you really have to stop this mode of thinking.

The images that you have been fed through media all of your life is the media’s definition of beauty.

It isn’t yours nor is it the common person’s.

The common person has a wide range of preferences when it comes to physical attractiveness.

The range is eclectic in so many ways.

You couldn’t possibly know what the person you just met at the local diner considers to be the epitome of beauty.

You really don’t because they have their own criteria.

In conclusion, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in what you have been force-fed by the media to believe is beauty.

Your partner sees beauty in you and that is what matters the most.

Be secure in that.

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