Should I Just Let This Guy Go And Move On With My Life?

When you have done so much to keep the relationship going and he hasn’t returned the effort, you are warranted in letting him go.

Should I Just Let This Guy Go And Move On With My Life?There is only so much that you can do.

A relationship is a two-way street.

It is a partnership that solely thrives when either party compromises.

He has to give back to make this relationship work.

When it is strictly you doing all of the giving, nothing worthwhile can come of this.

You are constantly doing everything to please him, and in turn, he is taking without giving anything back in return.

Your own needs have to be met as well.

That is how relationships work.

Both partners strive to meet each other’s needs with the goal of making each other happy.

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He would not be meeting your needs when you are perennially the one giving.

Consider whether the relationship is toxic.

A toxic relationship is froth with arguments and negativity.

You find it hard to have a decent conversation with him without him getting mad over something and possibly accusing you of something.

It’s hard to go out with him without him causing a scene and ultimately getting the both of you thrown out of a facility.

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He has taken things from you without asking, claiming some of your stuff as though they were his.

Putting him around your family or friends is a nightmare.

Every time you do so, he gets into a fight with one or all of them.

If you are experiencing any or all of what I have described, you are in a toxic relationship.

Here is where the danger lies.

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You love him and decide that you will stick it out with him, given that he keeps telling you that he is going to do better.

Whenever you threaten to leave him, he cries, and tells you that he is going to change for the better.

You make yourself believe him each time because you care about him, and there is a part of you that wholeheartedly wants this relationship to work.

Notwithstanding, he never changes.

He never fulfills the promise of doing right.

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You are now back in the hole and wondering whether you should just let this guy go.

A guy who is toxic and reluctant to change is going to stay that way.

You will be dragged down with him emotionally if you continue giving him chances.

This is a guy that you absolutely have to let go.

Consider the damage he are doing to your other relationships.

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Do you still have the same friends that you had when you first met him?

Are some of your relationships with your family members now strained because of him?

If you have lost friends and had strained relationships with family members because of him, you are not in a healthy relationship.

The relationships you have with your friends and family members are crucial to your well-being.

These relationships are not worth sacrificing on a guy who keeps breaking his promises and never makes any real moves to better himself.

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This is a guy that you should let go and leave far behind you.

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