How Often Should You Text A Guy When You’re Still In The Early Stages Of Dating?

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How Often Should You Text A Guy When You're Still In The Early Stages Of Dating?

As the conversation flows.

Really, it depends on the ongoing conversation that you are having.

There are some people who hit it off very early and have an ease in conversation.

They find that learning more about each other and conversing feels absolutely natural and free flowing.

Hence, they may even text each other multiple times a day simply because that connection is there and the conversation is going at a fluid and unforced pace.

You should already have a sense of the kind of conversational connection you have with this guy so far.

If your discussions tend to stay on very light topics that tend to end abruptly before moving on to another topic, you may be better off keeping your texts to one or two a day.

In a scenario like this, you shouldn’t force the issue.

Sometimes, it takes a while for two people to really come out of their shells and get comfortable with each other in conversation.

If you were to start forcing a volume of communication that isn’t quite natural for this stage in your relationship, you may push the other person away for good.

Hence, determining how often you should text a guy when you are still in the early stages of dating depends on the ease in which the both of you have been conversing and the openness that has been shown so far.

If you feel like the both of you have easy conversation, only text when you know that you have something important to share.

You may think about an earlier conversation that you both had and want to elaborate on it.

Fine. Do that.

However, don’t simply text for the heck of it.

If you are sending him the fifth text of the day asking him what he is up to or telling him how bored you are, you are not helping this dating process.

Make your texts meaningful.

Give him a reason to want to text back right away and keep a conversation going.

You should also be careful with the length of texts that you send.

If you send him extremely long and chunky paragraphs of text in the early stages, he may get turned off.

Your texts should still be meaningful, but give them room to breathe by not making them so long all at once.

Break them up so that it feels more like a conversation that you are having with someone who is physically in front of you.

Again, be wise about how you communicate.

Don’t force it.

If you have so far experienced an ease of communication with this person and you just had something come to mind that you would like to text about, send him a text if it feels natural.

Don’t just send a text for the sake of it.

Make it meaningful.

If you both haven’t really gotten into a level of comfort with each other that would warrant multiple texts a day, keep it at one or two and let things flow the way they should.

If the relationship is viable, at some point, the level of communication will naturally increase.

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