If A Woman Is Interested In A Guy, Why Would She Refuse To Do His Favorite Things?

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If A Woman Is Interested In A Guy, Why Would She Refuse To Do His Favorite Things?This woman may not be as interested in you as you may hope.

She may refuse to do your favorite things because she isn’t as emotionally invested in you as she would be with someone that she truly cares about.

Most girls who truly care about a guy and are interested in him would at least try to do some of his favorite things as long as those activities are legal and not dangerous.

She would want to impress him by showing him that she is willing to play along and do things with him that she may normally not do with her own time.

You will have to reevaluate the reason why you believe that this woman is interested in you in the first place.

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Perhaps you have gone on a few dates with her and believe that this is the reason why she would be interested.

Going out on dates with you doesn’t always mean that she is interested.

She may be going out with you in order to appease you in some way or to simply have something to do with someone.

She may even enjoy the attention that you are giving her.

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Hence, she sticks around and just allows you to keep taking her out on dates.

You really do need to assess the kind of interaction that you have had with her thus far.

You may be so blinded by the hope that she is interested in you that you don’t see the reality of your situation.

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Another reason why a woman would refuse to do your favorite things can also be because she knows that if she were to do them, she would be giving you the wrong impression that she likes you and is interested in you.

In other words, she may not want to take things this far with you.

Perhaps she has been fine with hanging out with you or talking to you on the phone or even over social media but she doesn’t want to take her interaction with you any further than that.

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A woman like this knows that if she were to do your favorite things with you, you may get the impression that she likes you in a romantic sense.

This may not be the kind of message she wants to convey to you at any time.

This is yet another reason why you should take the time to reevaluate your current relationship with this girl.

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What is it exactly that is making you believe that she is interested in you in a romantic sense?

Has she ever tried flirting with you?

Has she ever tried to ask you out for a date one on one?

Has she tried cooking for you?

Has she given you a special gift?

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Does she constantly want to know if you are dating anyone?

Does she take the initiative to call you and ask you more about yourself as a person?

These are just a few of the things a woman would do when she is interested in a guy romantically.

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If she doesn’t do any of the things I just described, she may not be interested in you in the way that you hope.

You really have to ensure that you don’t get carried away with how you hope she feels about you.

The truth is, you may have been reading her signals all wrong.

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