Rejection Without Reason? Girl Says We Should Stop Talking For No Reason

Rejection Without Reason? Girl Says We Should Stop Talking For No Reason

The rejection wasn’t without reason.

She had a reason for telling you that she wants to stop talking.

It may have been something that you said or did recently.

Perhaps you were having a conversation with her that took a different turn.

Perhaps you have shown her a side of you that she doesn’t like.

You may not have been aware when the switch occurred, but it did.

She may have heard something that simply turned her off.

However, she may not have told you how she felt at the time. She may not have wanted to put you on the spot.

Perhaps she doesn’t feel obligated to tell you when she senses something is off.

This would indicate that she may not care too much for the relationship.

She may not be as emotionally involved in your interaction as you hoped she was.

This is where you will have to start assessing your own emotions and intentions.

If you are feeling a lot more for this girl than she has been giving in return, you may need to slow down and temper those emotions.

The danger of falling too fast is in that she may not feel the same way.

You may have allowed yourself to get so carried away by how you felt about her that you may have never given her the chance to really show you who she was.

Look back at your actions to date.

Do you notice a pattern?

You may have been showing signs of being clingy or wanting more than she was willing to give.

You may have addressed her in a manner that made it sound like you were already looking at her as your partner before the relationship was given enough of a chance to possibly get to that point.

You may not have been aware of what you were doing. You may have simply gotten caught up in the moment.

This kind of behavior can turn a girl off. As a result, she has now told you that you both should stop talking.

There was a reason for this.

I have just described a scenario where you were the catalyst for all of this.

There is another scenario.

She may honestly not even be single.

Perhaps she is still talking to or seeing another guy that she never told you about.

Oftentimes, a girl will talk to new guys even while she is in a relationship because she is looking to end that relationship and move on into a new one.

She doesn’t just want to end the relationship without another prospect lined up.

Hence, she begins to interact with other guys in order to see if any one of them would be the best candidate for a new relationship.

She could do this with one guy or several guys at the same time.

If she notices that you aren’t giving her the right kind of spark, she may let you go and not want to talk to you anymore.

She doesn’t have the time to discover whether there could be something more.

She wants to possibly find a new guy that she can transition with without having to waste too much time.

You weren’t that guy.

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