Is She Playing Games Or She’s Legit Not Interested In Me?

She is playing games when she repeatedly tells you that she is going to hang out with you, and ends up not doing so, without giving you much notice, or an alternative date to hang out.

Is She Playing Games Or She's Legit Not Interested In Me?Games are afoot when she tells you what she thinks about a topic, and contradicts herself.

She contradicts herself the next time she is talking to you about the same topic.

Furthermore, she consistently takes a long time to respond to your messages.

As you observe her behavior, listen to your instincts.

Her behavior is all you require to know whether she is playing games with you.

People choose not to listen to their instincts after observing behavior they deem worrisome, fearful of losing out on the person of interest.

Don’t be like this.

Your instincts are a barometer.

When you ignore what your instincts are telling you about her bad behavior, you run a risk of becoming desperate.

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Once you get caught up in your own desires and emotions, you are incapable of listening to your instincts and respecting said instincts.

These are instincts that are persistent, constantly warning you that something is wrong.

Listen to them.

A consistency in how often she communicates with you is required for her to show that she isn’t just playing games, but is interested in you.

Be aware that being legitimately not interested and playing games are often one and the same.

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If she is playing games but is interested in you, she only takes the game-playing to a certain point before backing down from them.

The intention is to avoid overdoing it with the game-playing,.

She knows that taking it too far runs the risk of turning you off, and as a consequence, she loses out on you as a relationship prospect.

A person that is playing games, but is interested in you, doesn’t want to keep you guessing for too long.

She has moments where she takes a little longer to get back to your message, but she doesn’t prolong her response for multiple days or weeks.

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As she converses with you, she flirts with you, but only takes it so far before backing down to less sensual topics.

That’s because she wants to leave you wanting more.

She is playing a game, but she is being measured in what she does.

In other words, she is giving you just enough to keep you interested without leaving you entirely dry.

Nonetheless, there is an expiration date to her game-playing when she is legitimately interested in you.

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As long as you have been pursuing her on a consistent basis, it doesn’t take too long before she stops with the game-playing.

On the contrary, when she isn’t legitimately interested in you, she goes beyond game-playing to all-out ignoring.

She is ignoring you on such a level, you are working exponentially hard to get her attention.

She won’t give you compliments and rarely goes on dates with you without canceling multiple times beforehand.

So, it is tricky and dangerous when you are trying to figure out if she is playing games, or is legitimately not interested.

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Oftentimes, they are one and the same.

As a rule of thumb, when a girl plays games but is legitimately interested in you, she won’t allow the games to go on for too long.

As long as you have been responsive and aggressive in pursuing her, she stops the game-playing within a fairly short period of time so that she doesn’t risk losing you.

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