Is She Shy Or Avoiding You?

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Is She Shy Or Avoiding You?

If she is shy, she will still try to establish eye contact with you.

However, she may take away the eye contact the moment you look in her direction.

She thought she could do it but ultimately doesn’t follow through with maintaining the eye contact.

However, moments afterward, she will look your way again.

This is what a lot of shy girls do.

This is how you know that she is interested in you even if you may feel like you almost never establish eye contact with her.

These are the moments that you should take note of.

A shy girl may also get really quiet when you come into the room.

She may have been speaking quite freely to her friends but suddenly shuts up the moment you arrive.

This isn’t her trying to avoid you.

Typically, this is a shy girl who just doesn’t want to say the wrong thing while someone she likes is in the room.

She is insecure about herself in this sense.

She may even try to avoid eye contact while you are there among her friends.

You notice that every one of her friends is looking in your direction except her.

She is suddenly looking down, to her side or above.

She is doing everything in her power not to establish eye contact with you.

This isn’t a girl who is avoiding you.

This is a shy girl who is afraid of establishing eye contact because you are at such close proximity.

She would feel a lot more comfortable looking at you when you are at a distance and are a lot less likely to notice that she is looking at you.

If she chooses to sit away from where you are even though all her friends are sitting next to you, she is not avoiding you.

Most likely, she is nervous and just doesn’t want to be that close to someone she likes.

A girl would not just sit away from her friends because she feels like it.

She would do that for a reason.

When she is avoiding the comfort of being next to her friends just so that she can go sit with strangers or acquaintances, she may be worried about how you would respond to her being so close.

A girl that is avoiding you will typically try to avoid eye contact with you.

You will rarely catch her looking in your direction and if you did she may be looking with a disapproving countenance.

A girl who is avoiding you may try to ensure that she is never alone in your presence.

She would always ensure that there are people around her just so that you don’t feel compelled to approach her.

She will do everything she can to appear unapproachable.

In essence, she would avoid any kind of eye contact in both close and far proximity.

She would often move with haste so that you never have any sufficient time to stop her long enough to have a conversation with her.

She may constantly use her phone as a prop to ensure that you think she is on the phone when in fact she is faking it.

She just doesn’t want you to come over and talk to her.

This is what a girl typically does when she is avoiding you.

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