How To Know Whether She Is Shy Or Just Avoiding You?

A shy girl has moments where she shows interest by looking at you, but removes her gaze the moment you look in her direction.

How To Know Whether She Is Shy Or Just Avoiding You?Nonetheless, you sensed that she was looking in your direction.

For a brief moment, she anticipated establishing eye contact with you.

She cowered at the last moment, as she saw you about to look in her direction.

Once she discerns that you are no longer looking in her direction, a shy girl looks in your direction again.

This is how you know that she is interested in you, regardless of whether you have ever established sustained eye contact with her or not.

A shy girl who likes you gets quiet when you come into the room.

She was speaking freely to her friends, but suddenly shuts up the moment you arrive.

This isn’t her avoiding you.

As a shy girl, now that you are in the room, she doesn’t want to say something that turns you off.

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She is insecure about herself and avoids eye contact with you while you are there among her friends.

Every one of her friends is looking in your direction, except her.

She is suddenly looking down, to her side, or above, doing everything in her power not to establish eye contact with you.

This isn’t a girl who is avoiding you.

This is a shy girl who is afraid of establishing eye contact, as you are in such close proximity to her.

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But you have already felt her looking at you from a distance in the past.

There are times when you have walked by her as she sat or stood somewhere.

Whenever you have walked passed her, she has avoided eye contact.

She kept her head down, averted her gaze or was on her phone.

Yet, once you have walked by her and gone off for a relatively safe distance, she turns her head to look in your direction.

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This is a shy girl who was waiting for you to pass by, before taking the risk of turning her head and looking in your direction.

Were you to turn expectedly and look back, you just might catch her looking at you.

A shy girl comes off as though she is avoiding a guy, but closer observation reveals she isn’t avoiding him, but protecting herself from being discovered as someone who likes him.

A girl who is legitimately avoiding you doesn’t look at you from a distance or turn her head in your direction after you walk by her.

Whenever you two happen to establish eye contact, she has no expression.

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When you two so happen to be in the same room together alone, unlike a shy girl who just sits there quietly avoiding eye contact, a girl who is avoiding you gets on her phone and talks to her friends.

As far as she is concerned, you are not in the room.

She is busying herself with something else.

Meanwhile, a shy girl sits there, sweating, biting her lip, nervous about the possibility of you initiating a conversation with her.

A girl who is avoiding you doesn’t sweat when you are around nor get nervous, she stays busy doing something that keeps her from acknowledging you.

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Whenever you happen to see her out and about, she consistently has people around her, so that you aren’t compelled to approach her.

Even when you choose to come into the group and mingle, unlike a shy girl who likes you, she doesn’t suddenly stop talking to her friends.

There is no reason for her to be nervous when you are around.

Unlike a shy girl who suddenly stops talking and is looking everywhere but at her friends and you, a girl who is avoiding you maintains eye contact with her friends as she talks.

In moments where you are walking in the same vicinity and she so happens to be alone, she moves with haste so that you never have any sufficient time to stop her long enough to have a conversation with her.

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There is a stark difference between how a shy girl behaves and how a girl who is strictly avoiding you behaves.

In the end, don’t overthink it.

Whether she is shy or genuinely avoiding you, initiating a conversation with the girl clears up plenty of assumptions and confusion.

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