Why Do Girls Test You And What Are The Signs A Girl Is Testing You?

Why Do Girls Test You And What Are The Signs A Girl Is Testing You?

Girls test you because they want to be sure that your heart and intentions are in the right place.

They don’t want to find themselves in a situation where they have become emotionally involved with a guy who never intended to take them seriously in the first place.

When they test the guy, they are in many ways trying to guard their own hearts so that they don’t end up falling for this guy and getting hurt by him in the future.

Girls will test you to ensure that you are either there for the long-term or not.

Depending on the kind of relationship they are looking for, they will try to determine where you stand.

If they are looking for a long-term relationship, they may constantly test you by making you initiate most of the conversations and dates.

This shows them that you are in it in a serious way and you are actively pursuing them.

If they are in it for a short-term relationship, perhaps something that is more casual, they will be more willing to flirt hard and see how you respond.

If you take the bait and return the favor in kind, they may be willing to jump into a short-term relationship with you knowing full well that they don’t intend to take it any further than that.

Some other signs that a girl is testing you is when she asks you about what you would do in certain situations with a girl.

Perhaps she may ask you about how you would handle a girl when she gets mad or is emotional.

She may be testing you here in order to ascertain how you would handle her.

She may even bring up your past relationships and ask you about why they ended.

She may be testing you here to determine whether you ended those relationships for valid reasons or whether you are simply a selfish guy who only thinks about himself.

A girl would also try to use her friends to test just how much you like her.

She may try to bring you around her friends in order to observe you and determine whether you will hit on them or try to flirt with them.

She may act like she isn’t really paying any attention to what you are doing, but she is.

She may also put you around her friends just to see how you handle yourself around women.

She may want to deduce whether you are good at communicating and interacting with women.

She may want to gauge your level of confidence and bravado.

Hence, she will use her friends as her testing ground.

Another sign that a girl is testing you is also when she hangs around you in public venues.

She may be observing you to determine how often you are distracted by other women who may be passing by.

She observes your body language and how often your eyes avert to them.

This helps her determine how faithful of a guy you may be if she were to be your girlfriend.

She wants to be certain that she is dealing with a guy that she can trust.

She knows that if she were to open up her heart to a guy, he is worth that kind of emotion.

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