What Is The Best Way To Write To A Girl On Facebook Who Accepted Your Friend Request But You Have Never Met?

Use information from her Facebook page as a topic of an opening conversation when you write to her.

What Is The Best Way To Write To A Girl On Facebook Who Accepted Your Friend Request But You Have Never Met?Accepting your friend request was a good first step, but it doesn’t guarantee she likes you.

You haven’t built any rapport with this girl, being that you have never met her.

Pick something out of her page that interested you and has a common theme throughout her page, and ask her an open-ended question about it.

A common theme she posts about religiously.

Look for it in her quotes, photos, etc.

For example, if she tends to post photos of her dog, ask her about how she went about getting her dog.

This is an open-ended question that could lead to an energetic discussion, especially when you have observed that she has a pattern of posting a myriad of pictures of her dog and herself.

In this scenario, she clearly loves her dog.

Starting with this opening topic, you instantly make her motivated to respond.

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Make the question that more potent by picking out something specific on the dog’s features and complimenting that first.

You compliment the dog’s eyes or mane.

Go further by asking about the dog’s personality as a backup question.

This is a fun and encouraging topic to open with.

Look through her page and find a common theme.

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A common theme in the photos, quotes, or messages she posts.

When you discover these common themes, it means the topic is important to her.

This is a great starting point.

Doubly, it shows her that you took the time to check out what she is about on her Facebook page.

Most guys send her the first message they think of without trying to get to know her through using information she has posted on her Facebook page.

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You didn’t do this.

This has already put you in a good place in her eyes.

Tell her a quick and entertaining story about something you are relating to.

For example, she recently celebrated a birthday of a family member or moved into a new apartment.

Find a way to relate to her by telling her a quick and funny story about a similar experience.

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Like her, you recently celebrated a family member’s birthday but you have a funny story about something that happened during that celebration.

Share this with her.

Let’s say you recently moved into your own apartment and have a funny story to share about that.

Do it.

This enables you to relate to what she posted about, making your version of events entertaining and funny.

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It creates a connection and makes her laugh.

This leads to further discussions in the future, and a date.

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