Is She Playing Hard To Get?

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Is She Playing Hard To Get?

She is playing hard to get when she doesn’t give you enough information about herself and leaves you wanting more each time.

This is a method she employs to whet your appetite for her.

Giving you just enough information without overdoing it, entices you to keep coming back for more.

As she plays hard to get, it is difficult to get a hold of her.

No matter what you do, she is tough to pin down, as she rarely answers or returns your messages.

When you do get a hold of her, the conversations are electric and fun.

The difficulty in getting a hold of her is how she demonstrates that she has other priorities.

In this vain, she conveys the message that she is not waiting by the phone for you to call or text her.

As a busy girl, she wants you to think that she is talking to other guys and living her life to the fullest.

Her erratic behavior is driving you crazy, as you struggle to figure her out.

This is her in your mind and she wants this.

As you struggle to figure out her behavior, your mind is increasingly anxious and she is completely stuck in your mind.

Throughout the day, you are thinking about her incessantly.

Every fiber in your body wants to get a hold of her and hear her voice on the phone or read her words in a text message.

Knowing where she is and what she is doing is constantly in your thoughts.

An overwhelming desire to be reassured that she isn’t with some other guy, is repeatedly assailing your mind.

She is playing hard to get when she is flirtatious in conversations with you, but stops short of getting completely into it.

The flirtation builds a picture of something sensual and intimate, whetting your imagination as she does so, but she stops short of going further at the most inopportune moment.

Here, she cuts the conversation short or suddenly shifts to a new topic.

You are left hanging, wanting her to go on.

So invested in the moment, you beg her to return to flirting with you, but she abandons it and moves on to another topic.

Knowing that playing hard to get works best when she isn’t giving you the attention you desire, she acts like she doesn’t see you from time to time.

This is hot and cold behavior.

She knows that in keeping up with this, you keep questioning your standing with her in your mind.

A head that is filled with doubt and concern, pushes you to crave impressing her, so as to eliminate the madness that is jostling in your mind.

It is your mission to do everything in your power to catch her attention the next time you see her and hopefully get her to talk to you.

Determined to get her attention, you dress better, wear cologne, raise your voice as you talk to people nearby, walk within eyeshot of her multiple times, look for eye contact, etc.

There are fleeting moments where you are rewarded and she talks to you, flirting while she does.

As much as you love these fleeting moments of recognition, you are left uncertain of her intentions, being that she is never consistent in her acknowledgment of you.

The hot and cold behavior is deceiving and you want more than anything for her to stop doing it and give you her full attention.

This is how she plays hard to get with you.

Some girls play hard to get until they are confident that the guy has done enough to convince them he is completely into them.

Others, keep it up indefinitely.

These are the ones who are into the power trip, and have no desire for a relationship.

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