Is She Playing Hard To Get?

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Is She Playing Hard To Get?She is playing hard to get when she doesn’t give you enough information about herself and leaves you wanting more each time.

This is a method she uses to whet your appetite for her.

She knows that by just giving you enough information without overdoing it, she will be able to get you to keep coming back for more and more.

She is also playing hard to get when it is difficult to get a hold of her. Try as you may, she is tough to pin down as she rarely answers or returns your messages.

However, when you do get a hold of her, the conversations can be quite electric and fun.

When you find it challenging to get a hold of her so that you can have a conversation, she is trying to show you that she has other priorities.

In other words, she is trying to convey the message that she is not waiting by the phone for you to call or text her.

She is a busy girl.

Perhaps she is even talking to other guys at that moment.

You have no idea but it’s driving you crazy trying to figure it out.

This is her in your mind and this is what she wants.

When you can’t quite figure out what she is up to, your mind will begin to fill in the blanks.

The more you fill in the blanks, the more anxious you may become.

You want to get a hold of her right now. You want to know where she is and what she is doing.

You want to be reassured that she isn’t with some other guy.

She is playing hard to get when she can be very flirtatious in conversations with you but stops short of getting really into it.

She may start building a picture for you of something sensual and intimate, whetting your imagination as she does so but stops short of going any further at the most inopportune moment.

At this point she may cut the conversation short or suddenly shift to a new topic.

You are essentially left hanging.

You want her to go on.

You want her to stick with that topic but she has abandoned it and moved on to something else.

She is playing hard to get when she acts like she doesn’t see or notice you from time to time.

She may do this blatantly or she may acknowledge you but just barely.

This is hot and cold behavior.

She knows that the more she acts this way, the more you question your standing with her.

If you have questions in your head of doubt and concern, you may want to impress her more in the future.

You may want to do everything in your power to catch her attention the next time you see her and have her talk to you.

As a result, you may dress better or speak louder or just try to become more expressive in your body language, all in the attempts of getting her to notice you.

You may make it your mission to show her that you are worth being recognized and spoken to.

There will be other moments when she does talk to you and even flirt with you.

You love these moments.

This is why you get so unsure of yourself and her intentions when her behavior gets cold again.

You just want her to stop being cold and talk to you like she has in the past.

This is how she plays hard to get with you.

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