Does Anyone Else Overthink All Their Actions And Words From The First Few Dates? I Feel Like I Came Across Totally Unlike Me

It is natural that you would think back to those first few dates and believe that you came across as a person who is unlike who you really are, due to nerves.

Does Anyone Else Overthink All Their Actions And Words From The First Few Dates? I Feel Like I Came Across Totally Unlike MeThis does happen as two people go out on dates.

There is a reason for it.

You are worried about coming off the wrong way, so you act a little bit more constrained.

The prevailing thought is that if you were to be yourself, being as funny and outgoing as you typically are, it would be too much for your date.

So, you are more constrained and less energetic.

This is not who you are as a person, but it is the message you conveyed on those first few dates.

This isn’t a deal breaker though.

If the person you are dating has already been on several dates with you, they are obviously finding something about you that is appealing.

Trust in that.

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They have been on a few dates with you.

This is usually a good sign.

Get into the habit of letting the dates lead to their natural destination.

When your date asks you about something that you are passionate about, don’t be afraid to be more descriptive as time goes on.

This is especially true when your date has brought up that specific question or topic on each of your dates.

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This means that they know that you are holding back and they want to know more.

Once you notice this pattern, you should look at that as a sign that you can open yourself up to the topic.

If you have been restraining yourself up until this point, worried about being too much too soon, you don’t have to worry about that in this instance.

Your date is showing you that they want you to get animated about this topic, sensing from past dates that this is a topic you do care about.

When two people are dating in the early stages of courtship, it’s not unusual that they struggle with hitting it off from the start.

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In fact, it is not a bad idea to be somewhat cautious in the beginning.

You get carried away by something that your date said and totally misinterpret it when you are too intent on making it work.

When you are somewhat contained and steady with your emotions, it is easier for you to think things through before you react.

This is not a bad thing, as it gives you the opportunity to get to assess what is being said without drawing too many conclusions about it.

When you believe you haven’t been yourself in these dates, much of that has to do with how you process what is happening.

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As you think back on the dates, you unearth moments where you believe a connection was made.

In subsequent dates, you get to reconnect when you hear those topics brought up again.

As long as you keep interacting and going out on future dates, there is an inevitable moment when everything comes together and flows.

You will know when that is, as long as you let it happen naturally.

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