She Went Away To School. Doesn’t Text Anymore. Still A Chance When She’s Back?

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She Went Away To School. Doesn't Text Anymore. Still A Chance When She's Back?


If she went away to school and didn’t text you during the semester, she is done with your relationship with her and has moved on.

She probably went away to school and found someone new.

This is often what happens when people go away to school and leave their partners behind.

She gets into that school life that can be incredibly hectic and yet exhilarating.

She begins to meet new people that she would have never come across had she never gone off to school.

She is having new experiences at school that she has never had before.

She is meeting a varied number of people who are different from what she is used to.

Perhaps she becomes more and more influenced by how these varied groups of people approach life.

Amid all this, she is getting attention from guys.

Yes, college is a very active pool for dating.

It is here that people often experiment and date all kinds of people.

At her age, she is just beginning to experience what is out there.

Guys her age are also gaining more experience in the dating arena.

They are looking to practice with new people.

They are drawn to the sheer volume of prospective women around them in this college setting.

She may find it very difficult to resist the temptation to give in to the sort of attention she is getting from these guys.

Hence, she starts texting less and eventually she doesn’t text you at all.

At this point, you may be just an afterthought that occurs on occasion when she happens to hear a song that reminds her of you or she wears a shirt that she remembers you gave her.

Perhaps she eventually gets rid of that shirt so that she doesn’t keep feeling guilty when she goes out with the guy she just met in her Biology class.

In essence, she has moved into the next phase of her life.


It’s different.

It is like nothing she has ever experienced.

It is at this stage that many relationships that existed prior to the move away to school ultimately fizzle and consequently die out.

You are not the only one who has experienced this.

It happens very often.

Even the strongest of relationships have died in this way.

You are not only dealing with the fact that she is having this new and amazing experience but she is also long distance.

Long distance relationships in any circumstance can be very difficult to maintain.

You will have to understand this.

It gets really hard for her when you are not there to hold her or tell her that everything is going to be alright.

You will have to let her go.

When she gets back, she will be somewhat different from what you are used to.

She may try to avoid you or feign politeness but she knows that it is over as well.

She may even bring her new boyfriend or new group of college friends home with her in order to dissuade you from trying to get close to her or chatting with her.

Move on and let her go.

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