I Can’t Move On From My Ex?

I Can't Move On From My Ex?

You may still be hoping that you will get back with your ex.

In essence, you haven’t actually allowed yourself to understand that the relationship is actually over.

As long as you still believe that the relationship isn’t really over and there is a chance that you will get back together with your ex, it will be very difficult for you to move on from your ex.

You have to ask yourself why it is that you have refused to let this relationship go.

When you are able to answer this honestly, you may be able to start taking steps in order to move on from this ex.

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You may have refused to let this relationship go because you believe that you are still in love with this person and that they are in love with you.

Well, though you may still be in love with this ex, you shouldn’t allow this notion to misguide you into thinking that your ex loves you too.

This is where so many people in your position go at this all wrong.

They get so caught up in the fact that they still love this ex that they force themselves to believe that their ex feels exactly the same way.

This is how that emotion of love can become so deceiving in our lives.

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It creates a number of chemical reactions in our brains that makes us believe things that aren’t really provable or even viable.

Your ex may not love you at all.

Your ex may have completely moved on from you emotionally.

However, it is so hard for you to see or understand that because you are so caught up in the fact that you still love your ex and thereby, they must still love you too.

Perhaps, it is this line of thinking that has kept you holding on to this relationship and refusing to let it go.

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Understand that these are your hopes speaking.

Your hopes have no impact on what your ex is thinking or wanting.

These are all emotions that are coming from within you. You will have to come to grasp with these emotions and understand them.

This is the only way that you can begin the process of moving on from this ex.

If you don’t honestly allow yourself to understand just how much your emotions and feelings may have gotten in the way of thinking logically and realistically, you could remain stuck in your current position unable to move forward with your life.

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Once you understand that all of this is coming from your desires, you will understand that those desires simply have no effect on what your ex is feeling.

This is when the reality of your situation should hit you.

It is a hard reality but it is your real reality. The sooner it hits you and you accept it, the sooner you will be able to move on.

I understand that oftentimes it can be really hard to let go of an ex.

There were so many emotions and hopes and dreams that were attached to that ex.

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However, at some point, we do have to come to the understanding that though we may have had so much riding on that relationship, it just didn’t work out and that may have been for the best.

You can still get what you want out of a relationship.

It just isn’t going to be with your ex.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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