She Says She Loves Me But Then Why Do I Still Feel Not Loved?

She Says She Loves Me But Then Why Do I Still Feel Not Loved?

You may still feel not loved because you have a different definition of what love is.

She may be treating you the same way she treated partners in her past who she loved.

The way she is treating you right now may be the way she looks at love.

She may believe that she is doing this right.

You may believe that you are not being loved because you just aren’t feeling that sense of concern form her.

Perhaps she isn’t giving you as much attention as you have been used to getting in the past from your previous relationships.

Well, understand that the both of you may be coming at this from two different angles and life experience.

You may have experienced love in a very different way based on your past relationships.

On the flip side, she may have given love this way her whole life.

This is normal to her.

She doesn’t know any other way.

You will have to strongly consider this before making any quick judgments.

You may make yourself believe that she can’t possibly love you as you still feel unloved, when in fact she may not know any other way to show you this love but through how she is currently going about it.

You can look back on what she has told you about her past relationships.

You may be able to get clues by taking note of how she treated her past partners.

If you notice a pattern of behavior that is similar to how she is treating you now, this may be all the evidence you need.

If this is your reality, you will have to ask yourself if you are willing to accept her strange brand of love.

If you were to stay in this relationship solely because you hope that she will change the way she shows love, this may never happen.

Even if you were to tell her what you would want her to do for you in order to show that she truly loves you, she may not even be able to do this right.

It may not feel natural to her.

You would be trying to influence her behavior and it would feel forced.

You may actually end up making things worse.

Something else that you should consider is how seriously she is taking the relationship.

If you are still the one who is doing most of the initiating of dates or contact, she may not truly be as in love with you as she would have you believe.

If you have been talking to her for a while and she is still not giving you enough of that energy in return, she may be stringing you along.

A girl who truly loves you would not act in this way.

She would want to hear your voice or interact with you on a constant basis and would show that by taking the initiative in contacting you.

On the other hand, the girl who doesn’t truly love you may love the attention that she is getting from you instead.

Indeed, you may not be the only one she has told that she loves.

She may be enjoying this kind of attention from a number of guys.

However, she may not have any intention of taking things further because she is more into the attention than actually having a real relationship with you.

You shouldn’t continue interacting with a girl like this.


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