Does Distance Kill Love?

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Does Distance Kill Love?Distance can most certainly kill love. This is especially true if you stay physically distant for too long.

At first, the love may be there. It may even grow with time.

However, that love will only last so long before it becomes weary. It becomes weary because it needs to be fed. Just like a blossoming flower that needs water, love needs the same.

If love isn’t watered or fed it will do what blossoming flowers do.

Wither and fade away.

Love is fed through physical interaction.

This is what motivates human beings to date and build relationships.

They are encouraged by the promise and comfort of physical interaction.

This is what feeds love.

When you are physically there for each other in the good and the bad times, you are feeding love.

When you are physically there for each other when it is time to be intimate, you are feeding love.

When you are physically there for each other when you are socializing with friends and family, you are feeding love.

When there is distance, none of these needs are being met.

At first, this may be alright.

You love each other and are still in the honeymoon phase of your experience.

You keep each other going by letting each other know just how wonderful it will be when you are both physically together.

This kind of dream may keep the love going for a while.

You may learn more about each other during this time.

You may even start finding new ways of communicating in order to make the long distance experience more authentic or visceral.

Perhaps you start using Skype or writing letters.

You may start using Snapchat or Kik.

You may even get a social media account and keep it private just for the both of you.

However, after a while, you realize that technology can only take you so far.

As a human being, you still need that physical face to face contact and interaction.

Unfortunately, this is something that is increasingly lacking in your relationship.

That initial euphoria you felt starts to wane.

It becomes a little bit more challenging to communicate on a regular basis.

One partner may start getting too busy to stick with the schedule of communicating every day or every so many days.

They are getting busy because they are losing that sense of connection with their long distance partner.

That love is not being fed.

It is beginning to wilt and wither.

Both partners grow weary.

The love begins to die out and eventually fizzles out.

This is how distance that persists for too long can kill love.

Love is an emotion.

Like any other emotion it can soar and subside.

It can be strong and then fade.

It is not a permanent fixture.

It is something that always needs to be nurtured and fed in order to keep it alive.

You will find it difficult to maintain love when there is no physical proximity.

Even if you believe with all of your heart that your love will last and stand the test of time, your long distance partner may not have this kind of conviction.

At some point, someone is going to break and lose hope.

This is why you shouldn’t stay in a long distance relationship for too long.

Your love has the best chance of surviving when you permanently get together as soon as possible.

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