Does Distance Kill Love Between Two People Who Care About Each Other?

Distance kills love, and this is especially true when you stay physically distant from each other for too long.

Does Distance Kill Love Between Two People Who Care About Each Other?At first, the love is there and it is like your fortress.

It doesn’t take long before that fortress crumbles, as love becomes weary.

Love has to be fed.

Like a blossoming flower that needs water, love needs the same.

When love isn’t watered or fed, it does what blossoming flowers do.

Wither and fade.

Love is fed through physical reciprocity and proximity.

This is what motivates human beings to date and build relationships.

They are encouraged by the promise and comfort of physical reciprocity and proximity.

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When you are physically there for each other in the good and the bad times, you are feeding love.

When you are physically there for each other when it is time to be intimate, you are feeding love.

When you are physically there for each other when you are socializing with friends and family, you are feeding love.

When there is distance, none of these needs are being met.

At first, this is bearable.

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You love each other and in the midst of the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

To keep each other encouraged, you talk about how amazing the next time you see each other face to face is going to be.

This dream keeps the love going for a while.

During this time, you learn more about each other, using new avenues of communication to make the long distance experience authentic and visceral.

Letters are being written.

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Video chatting and text messaging services are being patronized to a large degree.

Social media accounts are created and set to private, where you two talk without interference or prying from the outside world.

After a while, you realize that technology has its limits.

Writing letters to each other has its limits.

As a human being, you crave that physical face to face contact.

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Unfortunately, this is something that is increasingly lacking in your relationship.

That initial euphoria is waning.

It is increasingly challenging to communicate on a regular basis.

One partner gets too busy to stick with the schedule of communicating every day or every so many days.

It’s not that they are realistically busy, but more so that they are weary of the long distance and running out of the energy to keep communication going.

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Their love is not being fed, as it wilts and withers.

The long distance partners grow weary.

Love fizzles and eventually dies out.

This is how distance that persists for too long kills love.

Love is an emotion, and like any other emotion it soars and subsides.

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It is strong, and then fades.

It is not a permanent fixture.

It is something that needs to be nurtured and fed in order to keep it alive.

Maintaining love is exceedingly hard when there is no physical proximity.

At some point, someone in this long distance relationship is going to break and lose hope.

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This is why you mustn’t stay in a long distance relationship for too long.

Having definitive plans to be in the same area permanently, and having a set time frame to get it done, is how you keep your relationship alive.

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