What Girls Find Attractive In Guys And What Guys Find Attractive In Girls?

What Girls Find Attractive In Guys And What Guys Find Attractive In Girls?Girls find confidence to be very attractive in guys.

They like knowing that a guy is sure of himself, knows what he wants and goes for it.

It makes her feel like the guy would be able to take charge if they were to be in a relationship and would know how to keep it interesting.

It reassures her that the guy would know how to take initiative and be assertive in a relationship without needing her direction.

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This is comforting to a girl because she knows that she wouldn’t have to be the one constantly pushing the guy to do what needs to be done.

When a guy has some swagger and attitude about him, he becomes attractive enough to a girl that she may even consider approaching him.

There is something about that kind of attitude that makes her feel safe. She feels like she would be protected by this guy and would not have to worry about being hassled by other guys.

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There is a sense of security that a girl feels when she is around a guy that also has a degree of aggressiveness to him.

Yes, girls do love it when a guy shows his masculinity and physical strength.

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This is one of the reasons why girls are so drawn to guys who do relatively aggressive sports or activities. There is something about a guy who is willing to show that aggressive side to him.

It makes a girl feel like she would be with someone who can not only protect her but also make her feel feminine. Most girls love feeling feminine. They love to be the softer and less aggressive one in the relationship.

When a guy is able to show healthy aggression and thereby his masculinity, she feels like there is enough contrast to make a relationship desirable.

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A guy who is also social is very attractive to most girls.

Girls are social creatures and tend to love social interaction. When a guy shows that he has social skills and abilities, a girl would be drawn to this and want to be around him.

He is exactly what she likes in a guy. She not only feels like he would be a fun guy to talk to as a result but he is also someone she wouldn’t have to worry about at parties.

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Guys find girls who boost their egos attractive.

When a girl is able to make a guy feel like he is uniquely special, he becomes enthralled. A guy loves being told just how amazing he is at this or that.

This boosts his ego and confidence quite a bit.

A guy also finds girls who are faithful to be attractive. He loves the sense that the girl he is in a relationship with is faithful and loyal.

A guy likes to feel that sense of security when he thinks about his girl. He wants to feel reassured that she is doing right by him and representing the relationship in a good way.

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Guys also love a girl that looks good and takes care of her appearance.

Since guys tend to be more visual than girls, it makes a guy happy when he knows that his girl looks good. It excites him mentally. It also makes him feel proud to show her off to his friends or the public.

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When he can show off a girl who looks good, he feels like it improves his social status and attractiveness at large.

Guys like this.

They like the feeling of being respected and envied by others.

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