How Does A Girl Act When She Is Friendly Vs Flirty When She Meets A Guy?

How Does A Girl Act When She Is Friendly Vs Flirty When She Meets A Guy?

A girl who is being friendly avoids flirting when she meets a guy.

She talks about topics that are safe, non provocative and easy to follow.

These are generic topics such as work, studies, a trip she is planning in the future, or something she did with her friend or a family member recently.

She keeps the conversation in relatively safe territory, not getting too personal with him.

In this vain, she doesn’t ask him about past relationships, past girlfriends or what led to prior breakups.

A girl who is being friendly would also act in a way with her body that doesn’t give off romantic vibes.

She talks to the guy with her arms crossed, maintaining relative distance of a few feet from the guy as she talks to him so as to maintain her personal space.

She has her shoulders upright as she talks to him, which indicates that she is alert and not too relaxed.

If she is sitting in front of the guy, she moves her body to the side so that her shoulder is facing him instead of her front.

This averts her head and body away from the guy’s.

Normally, this kind of body language is showing that she is not giving the guy her undivided attention.

She is keeping her body to the side, demonstrating how into the environment she is in than in the guy.

A girl who is being friendly as opposed to flirty when she meets a guy is effortlessly distracted.

She looks at other people in the room or something going on somewhere in the room much more than she looks at you.

She focuses on a light fixture in the ceiling or on who just walked into the room, rather than on looking at you and maintaining eye contact.

She is quickly distracted by her phone, looking at it and using it frequently as she talks to you.

Basically, you don’t have her undivided attention.

When a girl is being flirty as opposed to being friendly when she meets a guy, she touches him from time to time.

She touches the guy’s arm, thigh or wrist, intent on creating a physical connection and get into his personal space.

She does this as she looks into his eyes lingeringly.

This is a strong sign that the girl is being flirty with the guy.

The girl who is being flirty compliments the guy’s physicality repeatedly, telling him that she loves his eyes or that he has lovely hands or a lovely smile.

She says this and dwells for a few moments, staring into your eyes or running her fingers over your palms or staring at your lips.

This is how she flirts, with the intent of boosting the guy’s ego while simultaneously hoping he returns the compliment.


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