Why Was It So Hard To Say Goodbye To Her?

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Why Was It So Hard To Say Goodbye To Her?

You may have really enjoyed her company for however long that the both of you have been interacting.

This may have caused you to form an emotional attachment to her that you weren’t even aware of.

As time went on, you became more and more excited to talk to her and get to know her.

Now that you had to say goodbye to her, you have been affected in a way that you weren’t expecting.

Perhaps you felt that she was only a friend that you were getting to know for a time.

However, now that she is gone, you are really missing her.

It is hard to let go of someone that you are emotionally attached to.

It almost feels as though you are letting go of a part of yourself.

You may have opened up to this girl in a way that you haven’t to anyone in a while.

Perhaps the initial belief that this girl was just a friend is the reason why you were so open with her.

You were probably grateful to be around someone that you could be yourself with.

You may have felt as though you could talk to her about anything.

Being in love or emotionally attached to someone can sneak up on you.

You may not even necessarily be aware of it until you have to say goodbye to someone.

Sometimes, we just take time for granted.

We innately know that it is limited and yet we refuse to truly acknowledge it.

Hence, we may make ourselves believe that we have all the time in the world with someone, when in fact we don’t.

It was hard for you to say goodbye to her because you may have thought that you had a lot more time to come to terms with how you may be feeling about her.

You may have thought that all you needed was a few more interactions with her and you would then be able to figure out whether these were true romantic feelings that you were experiencing for her.

This is what many of us do.

We delay and procrastinate when it comes to expressing our feelings to someone because sometimes we either don’t understand those feelings or we are too worried about being so transparent to that person.

However, the fact that you found it hard to say goodbye to her would indicate that your romantic feelings towards her have most likely been there for a while.

Try to think back to when you started feeling as though there may be more to your relationship with her than strictly platonic friendship.

It may have been a day where you realized that you simply couldn’t stop thinking about her and you had to distract yourself with other activities.

It may have been a time when something someone else said to you instantly reminded you of her and you suddenly got that warm, loving and yet nervous feeling inside of you.

There were most likely a number of moments where your intuition was trying to tell you that you had romantic feelings for her.

Next time you have an experience like this with someone else, use your experience with this particular girl to help you understand whether there are romantic feelings involved.

This way, you are able to act on those romantic feelings before you find yourself having to say goodbye to the person.

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