What Are Some Great Tips For Getting A Girlfriend In College?

College is a social experiment, and the more social you are, the more likely you get a girlfriend.

What Are Some Great Tips For Getting A Girlfriend In College?There is so much to see and experience.

This is a stage in life that you make friends and connections that last a lifetime.

This is when you pursue your dream to be an engineer, doctor, etc.

This is the time for you to put out the effort to be social.

College offers you so much opportunity.

You don’t experience this in any other arena after you graduate and embark on a full time career.

To get a girlfriend, get involved.

Colleges have social clubs or groups.

Figure out what you are interested in and join some.

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A balance is needed.

Shun joining too many at one time.

You want to keep your social club membership to about three at a time.

When one doesn’t work out and you are not enjoying it, replace it with a new one.

Your primary intention must be to socialize.

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College is not only where you meet a girlfriend but it is also where you meet lifelong friends.

Use this occasion to open yourself up to everything your college has to offer.

Are you interested in politics?


Join a political club or group.

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No politics club in your college?

Create one.

That has now graduated you up to the level of a leader in your college.

It isn’t hard to create one.

Inform your classmates and dormmates about it and tell them to spread the word.

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Educate those you meet in the other social clubs you attend about it, encouraging them to join.


You have membership to your brand new politics club just like that.

Creating your own social group makes you appear assertive and shows that you have leadership qualities.

Girls love men who are leaders.

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The odds are, while partaking in all of these social experiments, you meet a girl who shows interest in you.

You already have something in common, as you are both members of the same social group.

Remember though that you still need to be sociable.

Just being part of the group isn’t enough.

You have to be actively contributing to the group and going above and beyond what is required, while showing a genuine interest in getting to know all members of the group, not just the girls you like.

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Joining a social club for the sole purpose of meeting girls while having no interest in contributing to the club, is apparent and girls pick up on it fast.

This ruins your chances with them, as they sense subterfuge.

Getting that girlfriend in college doesn’t happen overnight.

Your time spent being sociable eventually pays off, but girls have to see you enough to accept you.

Shine through in personality.

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Be genuine, patient and kind.

Eventually, you meet the right girl for you.

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