What Do Girls Think Of Guys Shaving Their Legs?

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What Do Girls Think Of Guys Shaving Their Legs?

If she likes hairier guys, she may not be that fond of you shaving your legs.

However, there may be other elements of your physicality that can make up for that.

In other words, it may not necessarily be a deal breaker if you shave your legs.

She may ask you about it.

You shouldn’t be awkward about it or insecure.

If you truly like shaving your legs for whatever reason, own it.

That moment you begin to doubt yourself about shaving your legs could be the moment that she realizes that you lack confidence and consider yourself to be odd.

If you truly prefer shaving your legs as a personal preference, you will have to accept that as a part of who you are.

Your response to her question should convey the message that you are fine with doing it and see nothing wrong with it.

Even if she may consider it odd, she may actually appreciate the fact that you are being so honest and straightforward with her.

That may actually win her over and even begin to make her believe that a guy who shaves his legs may not be that bad after all.

On the flip side, if she is a girl who prefers guys who tend to groom themselves from top to bottom, she may have no problem whatsoever with the fact that you shave your legs.

She may even see that as a sign that you are the kind of guy who really takes care of himself and takes pride in his appearance.

A girl can be very drawn to this kind of guy.

Hence, it really comes down to what kind of girl you are dealing with and the kind of relationship you have with her.

If it is a girl you have barely been around, she may not even notice that you shave your legs.

If she is only in and out of your life from time to time, her focus may be on simply enjoying the moment as opposed to focusing on particular anatomical details.

In a scenario like this, you really don’t need to draw attention to your shaved legs.

She didn’t care about them in the first place.

She was more focused on the moment and getting her release.

If you were to suddenly start asking her about what she thinks about the fact that you shave your legs or if you were to become so apologetic about it all, you just may ruin the moment.

You would have drawn attention to something that she didn’t even notice or care for.

This is why you really have to be careful when you get into these close quarter situations with girls.

When you are so worried about the fact that you shave your legs and the effect that this could have on the girl, your insecurity about this may be what actually turns her off and not the fact that you shave your legs.

A girl is more likely to notice your shaved legs if you are actually dating her on a regular basis or you are in a relationship with her.

At this point, she honestly may be more worried about keeping the relationship healthy and planning for the future than on the fact that you shave your legs.

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