What Does It Mean If A Guy Smiles At You?

He may be interested in you if he smiles at you consistently.

When he also gives you a lot of eye contact as he smiles, there is a very good chance that he is attracted to you.

Now, you should be really careful here.

There are some guys who just smile for the sake of it.

You don’t want to find yourself getting caught falling for a guy who just smiles for the sake of it.

You don’t want to misread that as a cue for romance or interest.

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You have to be able to be as perceptive as you can here.

The best way to tell that he is smiling at you out of romantic interest is if he continuously does so, maintains lingering eye contact in the process and leans or starts moving his body towards your direction.

These are very strong body language signs of romantic interest.

If you don’t know this guy at all, this is an even more powerful reaction to you.

There are a few other things you have to take into perspective.

Is he a flirty guy?

There are guys who are natural flirts. Being that they are natural flirts, they develop a certain kind of demeanor. They may always be in flirt mode when they are around girls. Part of that mode may involve smiling.

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Hence, they get very good at smiling at girls and making them feel like they are the only girl in the room. He may not necessarily have any real romantic interest in any particular girl that he smiles at.

It’s just that he is a natural flirt and enjoys the game. To take it any further than flirting may be too much for him.

You may be dealing with a guy like this. You may mistake the fact that he is smiling at you as a sign of romantic interest when in fact he only does that as part of playing the game of flirting.

Try to observe how he acts around other girls.

Does he smile at them as well?

Do you notice that he tends to look at each and every girl in the room almost as though he is prospecting?

Do you see him selecting particular girls to smile at while moving his body towards their direction?

These are all signs of a strong flirt.

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If this is the case, you are not necessarily someone that he would want to pursue anything further with.

You may simply be like every other girl he flirts with.

You should also observe what he does with his hands when he smiles at you.

If you notice that he preens, he may actually be interested in you.

Preening is when you see him adjusting his clothing, jewelry or rubbing his hands through his hair or beard.

He does this to make himself appear more attractive to you. He doesn’t want anything to be out of place. He is in essence sprucing himself up in your presence.

These are very strong signs of interest.

When you observe this, he may be unconsciously sending you the signal of interest without even realizing it.

A guy smiling at you is a good first step.

It doesn’t always mean that he is interested. However, if you make important observations, you will find it a lot easier to tell if there is any romantic interest.

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18 thoughts on “What Does It Mean If A Guy Smiles At You?”

  1. There is this guy that smiled at me once and stares at me most of the time. But i taught him a lesson because first of all I’m married and he is also married. So I became friends with his wife lately and think he did not like that. Never bother me again jajajjaa respect married women!!!!

  2. I have found that if a guy smiles at you with a locked stare he is interested maybe not romantically but interested at that point, something he notices about you has caught his eye. Often times too they are just being friendly but if every time he sees you and with a locked stare he’s very interested. Sometimes men have to find that safe avenue to cruise down in order to find someone that excites hin in ways he never thought possible. Your eyes tell all because they are the windows to your soul

  3. Hi Harshada,

    If he smiled at you while he was traveling in an auto and you were standing, it may have been a passing smile.

    He may have found you attractive when he noticed you at that moment but wasn’t intent on taking it any further.

    If you notice him smiling at you on other occasions when he is not traveling in an auto, it most likely means that he is truly interested in you.

  4. There is a boy at school that smiles at me a lot . I think he’s kinda cute?. When I go to the restroom and he and I are about to pass each other we can’t stop but look into each others eyes it’s hard not to .

  5. There’s this guy i pass on my way to school and on both occassions he actually made eye contact while smiling,could he be interested or…?I dont know somebody help me out here!

  6. Hi Elsa,

    He may be interested but he may have also done that to be polite.

    To find out for sure, the next time you notice that you are about to pass him, slow down.

    If he makes eye contact and smiles, smile back.

    If he is actually interested in you, he may become inclined to stop and have a conversation with you.

    If he isn’t, he will most likely walk on.

  7. There is a bus driver I see sometimes and I don’t know his name, though he lights up when he sees me and he is the first to smile and wave at me when I leave the bus. He has done this a few times. He smiled and waved at me when I got off the bus with my sister and she asked if I knew him I replied no. We walked to the another bus stop as we were going back to her flat, as we waited the bus driver must have drove up to the traffic lights. I looked in his direction and he smiled and waved at me from the drivers cab. I just smiled and waved back. My sister gave me a very sideways look. Is he interested or just being polite?

  8. Hi Baby Blue Bear,

    Observe how he acts around the other people that get on and get off the bus.

    If he doesn’t smile and wave at them the way he does you, he may be interested in you.

  9. i meet a guy who smiles at me every time we see each other, i can say that he is a friendly type and maybe that’s his nature, a smiling kind of person. I saw him togethr with his frnds and clssmate in schl (all girls) and I Observe the same, on how he smile at them spcially when he talk.
    I’m just wondering because his smile was different when he smile at me, it was the sweetest smile I know. I saw smethng in his smile that I don’t undrstand. He smile like a baby and it makes me feel overwhelm.

  10. Hi me.ann,

    Next time he smiles at you in this way, try smiling back and holding eye contact until he takes it away.

    He will understand that there is interest on your part and if he has the same interest in you, he may approach you and start a conversation.

  11. Im just confused because that guy is….you know when somone ask him who is your crush is it megan(megan is me)
    And he he started to say no,,,and he is like ahy or somthing you know smiling or so thing…ii…icant understand?

  12. Sorry gonna repeat
    I said im confused because yester day,my friend ask him,who is your crush,,,,,and he said none,,but when my friend ask again its jemina right? And then he said no….but he was you know shy and smiling at me and covering his face…..what do you think,,,,i mean what is the meaning of that…does he like me?

  13. Hi Jemina,

    He may actually like you but is very shy.

    Being that you were there when your friend asked him if he liked you, he most likely said no because he was very shy and didn’t want you to know that he liked you.

    If your friend had asked him that question when you weren’t there, he may have said yes.

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