Why Does He Stare At Me But Never Approaches When He Does?

He stares but never approaches you, as he is frozen with worry about how to approach you without coming off looking bad.

Why Does He Stare At Me But Never Approaches When He Does?There is hesitation about the first impression he gives you upon approach.

He has approached girls in the past and it hasn’t worked out.

Although he had the best of intentions, talking to them left him looking foolish, as he stumbled over his words uncertain of what to say and how to keep a conversation going.

While he is staring at you, he is thinking about all this stuff.

In his mind, he is replaying the last time he approached a girl and it went badly.

He doesn’t want to go through that experience again and yet he is tempted to come up and talk to you.

This barrage of conflicting thoughts is exceedingly hard for a guy like himself to contend with.

He becomes nervous, and in not wanting to fail he lets the opportunity pass him by.

Additionally, you never give him the right cues.

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You have to watch your body language.

Most guys who stare at girls they are romantically interested in are looking for body language cues that shows them the girl is interested in an approach.

When your body language cues are bad, hard to read or non-existent, he stares at you but never approaches.

Observe your body language whenever this guy is around.

Are you smiling at him?

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Do you keep your hands separate, not crossed over your chest?

Is your body constantly facing his direction, not having your back to him?

Are you paying attention to your environment and acknowledging people or is your head stuck on your smartphone?

Clearly, you should be smiling at him, keeping your hands separate and not crossed, facing his general direction as much as you can, and acknowledging your environment without your head being constantly stuck on your smartphone.

By doing all these things, this guy is more comfortable with the approach, as you are giving him cues.

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You are making yourself approachable and not aloof.

Observe your body language when this guy is around.

A guy stares at you but never approaches when he already has a girlfriend.

He is going through several problems with his girlfriend that leaves him doubtful about the sustainability of the relationship.

He stares at you from time to time, being that you seem to have the same spunk that his girlfriend had when he first met her.

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A spunk she seems to be losing at this current time.

He stares at you and yearns for what he once had with his girlfriend.

Notwithstanding, he doesn’t approach you, knowing he loves his girlfriend and hopes his relationship with her gets better.

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