What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares But Doesn’t Smile?

What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares But Doesn't Smile?

When a guy stares but doesn’t smile, you remind him of someone.

Oftentimes, when we are reminded of someone, we are lost in our own thoughts for a moment.

This is the reason why he isn’t smiling as he is staring at you.

He is lost in thought.

In his head, he is replaying times and experiences that he had with the person that you remind him of.

These times and experiences are good or bad.

He is literally caught in a moment of nostalgia and isn’t entirely aware of the effect that he is having on you.

When a guy does this, he unconsciously slips into a good or bad mood.

This isn’t dependent on you personally.

He doesn’t know you that well or at all.

His reaction is dependent on the emotion the memory that you trigger has on him.

It is that powerful of an effect.

Sometimes, when a guy stares at you but doesn’t smile, he is shy.

Most shy guys have little experience with girls and they are ill-equipped on how to show a girl they are interested and conduct conversation.

Convincing himself that a romance with her is slim to none, he isn’t keen on smiling.

He doesn’t know how nor does he have the confidence to express himself to this girl.

A part of him believes the girl is taken, but this doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about what it is like to talk to her or date her.

As he is lost in thought in this fantasy, he isn’t smiling, merely staring.

He doesn’t want to give the girl the notion that he likes her by smiling.

In his mind, she is taken anyway or is never giving a shy guy like him a shot.

Beneath the stories he has orchestrated in his mind, the real issue is his fear of rejection.

Shy guys are terrified of rejection.

On occasion, this has to do with a history in which he has had negative experiences with a girl in the past.

Misled into believing she was interested, he made a move on her, but was rejected.

As a direct result of this, he doesn’t smile, adverse to falling for the same tricks he fell for before.

He doesn’t want to be vulnerable.

The sting of a girl who doesn’t reciprocate a smile back isn’t something he cares to experience.

Worse yet, she does smile back, he makes a move, and she rejects him.

Shy guys have mental stories and life experience constantly dissuading them from making a move on a girl.

She is attractive and he stares, but he won’t dare make a move.

But shy guys are tame compared to some other guys who stare but don’t smile as a tactic to show the girl she is nothing more than his pawn and he has no respect for her.

It’s a power play and he gets off on it.

Making the girl uncomfortable is where he receives his emotional and mental fulfillment.

It’s his own version of a game of chicken.

This is a guy who has had negative experiences with girls and with life in general.

Life has emasculated him and he wants his vengeance.

Staring at a girl and getting off on how uncomfortable she is, is his middle finger to everyone that has made him feel weak and vulnerable in his life.

He doesn’t care to approach the girl, being that staring her down is enough for him.

From here, he moves on to the next unlucky girl that catches his eye.


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84 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares But Doesn’t Smile?”

  1. Hi Sam,

    He may be thinking the same.

    He may be trying to figure you out as well. He may be wondering about what kind of guy you tend to be interested in.

    He may be too shy to make that first move in approaching you or talking to you though.

    He may feel like it is safer to just do nothing and as a result, he just keeps staring at you without smiling whenever he sees you in your local Walmart.

  2. This happened to me recently. The guy who was reported showed sign of jealousy, next day tried to catch my attention while smiling and lil bit blushing, and day after he suddenly turned cold, just saw a moment and no smile on his face..

    What kind of interpretation would rise from such situation?

  3. Hi Jen,

    He may have turned cold because he didn’t get the kind of response he was hoping for from you when he did try to catch your attention by smiling.

    He may not want to show that he is that into you for fear that you don’t feel the same way.

  4. I think me and a girl are doing this to each other, always making awkward, blank eye contact . I don’t want to smile and appear desperate, but at the same time hoping she does. Both not knowing how to make the first move.

  5. Hi Leo,

    You may both be shy.

    It is best to make a move and not hope that she does because girls aren’t typically willing to make the first move.

    Just find something in common with her that you can open conversation with and see where things lead from there.

  6. I like this site so much, because all the explanations does make sense.
    Dating Logic, I have a situation with blank eye contact with a guy that I did not understand yet.
    The guy was staring at me ( I am sure of this). I saw that someone was staring at me with my peripheral vision. I decided to see who was the person, and the person was the guy that I have a crush.
    I’ve never stared at him, but one friend of mine said to me that this guy usually looks at me a lot in the classroom.
    When I saw he was looking at me, he kept looking. He did not turn away. Then, I gave him a smile, because I was happy he was staring at me. When I gave the smile, he turned away his head and said something to his friends. I don’t know If he was really saying something to them or pretended to do this.
    Anyway, I got very upset because he did not smile and did not return my smile.
    What does that mean, in your opinion?

  7. Hi Anne,

    He may not really know how he can go about expressing himself to you when you return his stare and smile at him.

    He may have turned away to talk to his friends because he didn’t know how to respond to your smile and he wanted to use his friends as cover.

    There is a decent chance that he does like you because he stares at you often.

    However, due to a sense of insecurity, he isn’t comfortable making a move on you at this time.

  8. I got a crush on someone. He doesn’t look at me very often. But sometimes i find him looking at me. And whenever I saw him he’s smiling but not looking at me. And then there is a time when i find him staring at me in a serious face. He’s not smiling and not even try to look away.

  9. Hi Lanie,

    He may be wondering how you feel about him but is too shy to let you notice that he looks at you.

    Other times when he is staring with a serious face and not smiling or trying to look away, he may be frustrated because he feels like you haven’t responded to him in a way that would encourage him to start talking to you and possibly ask you out.

  10. There was a guy in my science class last year, we had a moment. We were just staring at each other’s eyes, he was staring at me with a straight face or kinda a smirk I would say. During the stare I licked my lips, I don’t know why but I got embrasssed and looked away and I could still feel him staring at him. So the next couple of weeks I could sense him staring at me but I never looked back. We had the same friends in science class but everytime we talked he would never take part of the discussion just watch quietly. One day when I was working on the exam prep, he came to my desk and hit my desk lightly with a big meter stick. I didn’t know what to say so I just stared at him, he stared back and smirked and left then hit the ruler lightly on a another’s girls desk. One time his friend caught him staring at me and asked him if he was staring at me and he said no. I was pretending not to pay attention but I heard the full conservation. So now we are in a different grade and we have no classes together this semester, but when I see him in the halls he sorta glances at me or looks down and I will do the same. We had this encounter in the hallway the other day where is shoe fell off and it landed right to me. It was awkward because in the process of getting his shoe back on he kicked me twice lightly by accident and walked away. We never had a conservation before. Maybe I’m making a big deal over something small. But can you tell me what’s going on here cause I’m confused?

  11. Hi Isabel,

    He may have been staring at you in science class because he was hoping that you would stare back and give him some kind of reaction of interest, perhaps a smile or a comment.

    However, you looked away.

    The time that he hit your desk lightly with his meter stick, he may have been testing you to see how you respond to him. He may have wanted you to acknowledge him and say something.

    You didn’t. You just stared at him.

    When you see him in the halls, he glances at you and looks down and you do the same.

    Do you see a pattern here?

    You are not really responding to him in the way he wants. You may be quite shy yourself and you don’t know how to react to all this in a way that would show him that you are interested in him.

    There is a decent chance that he did all these things to get you to react and show him some kind of sign that you may be interested in him.

  12. Last year, there was a new kid on our bus. I wasn’t there when he first came on the bus so everyone was coming up to me saying, there was a new kid on the bus and he lives my street. Some people started to ship us and I never met him. So I met him a couple of days after and we talked and then my friend showed him this embrassing photo of me with heels and a dress with a weird face. He just looked and walked away because he had to meet up with a teacher. I got so mad at my friend but her and her boyfriend started laughing saying its a joke and he knows it too. So a couple of months later, the new kid and I only stared at each other once. Then during the month of December, my friend told me, the new kid and his friend thinks I like him. But I didn’t, both of them would address me as the black girl. Then one day his friend was on the bus and told me he doesn’t have feelings for me and I said i didn’t have feelings for him ether. Then he asked me if I had feeling for the new boy and I said no and he said ok. During the second semester, the new kid and his friend would talk shit about me with his friends and stare at me. I don’t know why he thought I liked him or what I did to make him hate me. When they talked shit about me they would always look at me. Then now we are in a new grade, the new kid’s friend moved away and he was by himself on the bus. We don’t really talk or anything. But one day I was entering the school and his whole group of friends were staring at me so I stared back. Then went to my locker. His teasing would make me cry at times, he would say everytime she stares into your eyes it looks like she is staring into your soul or make comments about my hair saying her hair is weave. It hurtled my feelings because I don’t know what I did. He’s so cocky and so full of himself. He is literally the most popular guy at school, he is nice to all the girls and guys but mean to me. One time I was walking into the cafeteria, I turned around and saw him staring at me and he started to smirk so I turned away quickly, rolling my eyes at him. Apparently, he is dealing with some girl, but I don’t know if it is a rumour or true. My friends think he is a nice sweet guy, they think I have feelings for him. But I really don’t, how can I like someone who is mean to me. My friends all think he is attractive and he is nice to them. I don’t understand why he is mean towards me or what I did to make him be mean towards me

  13. Hi Tiffany,

    He may be mean to you because he wants to give you the impression that he doesn’t like you all that much when in fact he just might.

    It’s like a way to guard his feelings so that he doesn’t lose his sense of power and control.

    He is the most popular guy in school after all and thereby has a reputation to maintain.

  14. I have been wondering about this guy for some time now and what his body language/ behavior signifys. He use to be really friendly towards me and even would compliment me sometimes. Than all of a sudden he became stand-offish and his attitude towards me is as if he’s holding some kind of resentment I don’t know what it is or what I’ve done. However, he does give these mysterious stares that always leaves me curious. Is he trying to say something? I sometimes get a mixed vibe around him.

  15. Hi Jay,

    When he gives you those mysterious stares, he may be trying to figure out whether you are into him or not.

    His being stand-offish or showing resentment may be due to the frustration of not having figured you out yet.

    What he may be trying to say is that he is frustrated and he is now acting stand-offish around you in the hopes that you will notice and make some kind of definitive gesture or move that lets him know that you are interested.

  16. There’s this guy at the church I attend he keeps looking at me but doesn’t smile usually when we give our financial offers to the church he waits til everyone’s done but the other day he made it an effort to give his financial offer at the same time I gave mine and he looked at me and gave a half smile what could that mean?

  17. Hi Aries,

    Since he keeps looking at you, he may be interested in you but is too shy to give that away.

    As a result, he doesn’t smile.

    However, he did give you a half smile this time around when he was making a financial offer.

    With the way he timed it to coincide with when you would be making a financial offer, he may have been hoping that you would notice him.

    If he does this again the next time you are in church, there is a good chance that he likes you.

  18. Oh im on a roll with these. venting my curiosity. …. My coworker does this sometimes jokingly to our other guy coworker i think to be funny. but i think he just stares at me unintentionally. His demeanor is nice toward me.

  19. Sorry for the disconnected messages.

    My coworker and I seem to like eachother. He started staring at me like this a lot sometime earlier this year. He talked to me the most back then getting to know me better until i sorta clammed up from a two week period of sudden flirting back and forth that just happened out of our control. i got really embarrassed. When our boss sorta jokingly broke us up. and our two other coworkers started whispering a lot to him in the office. I felt really embarrassed. How quickly things escalated interms of my feelings toward him.Sometimes he stared at me with no smile, sighed and did something nice for me that i didnt even ask him to do. He would sigh and say,”ill go find my business card ….just for you”
    He shares his lunch with me sometimes. especially when i order lightly. and he really responds to my texts faster than my friends. We seemed to have liked eachother for over half a year now. he recently has been losing a lot of weight even though i liked him just the way he was when he was a little heavier, and well good for him. im scared of making it difficult to work together if we end up getting more emotionally involved.

  20. Hi nooboobz-915,

    If he stares at you a lot and flirts with you as well, he is typically showing you strong signs of romantic interest.

    Perhaps in order to alleviate your fear about how getting more emotionally involved could make your working relationship more difficult, you could try to get him to hang out with you outside of work.

    This way, you can start building a relationship with him away from work.

    This may eventually help you be able to separate your work life with him from your professional life with him.

    This kind of balance will often help to balance both of your emotions and alleviate any difficulty in working together.

  21. Ok so there is this boy that I think is really cute and adorable. But he stares at me and i recently asked him does he have a problem with me and he said” nahhh i just be staring into space b dont take it personal” how do i handle that. does he like me or what i dont know all his friends stare at me to.

  22. Hi Jennifer,

    If he stares at you often, there is a chance that he likes you.

    If his friends are staring at you too, it may be because they know that he likes you and they are checking you out.

    He may have told you that he just stares into space when you asked him if he has a problem with you because you put him on the spot.

    A good way to handle it, the next time you catch him staring at you, smile at him.

    He may not respond initially because you would have caught him by surprise.

    But the more you do it, the more he will realize that there is an attraction on both sides.

    From here, he may decide to open up a real conversation with you.

  23. Hi,
    I really like a virgo guy. Due to a misunderstanding we both started to avoid each other. This happened last year. Last year he spoke to me after a long time but a little bit formal. But this year ,especially from January, onwards he started to look at me more. Recently whenever I pass by him he would stop talking to his friends and just look at me. I was once laughing in the class and I caught him looking at me, he literally made his way to look at me when someone was blocking his view of me. When he stopped talking to his friends and looked at me he started to check me out.
    I am really confused whether he likes me or he wants me back as a friend or what he wants…….. his best friend kind of helps him.

  24. Adding to that he talks to other girls very nicely but would be sure enough he wouldn’t talk to me. Whenever I talk to his room-mate and if he sits in front of us then he would look at me. I also suspect that his room-mate likes me. His friends might about me because one of his friends was looking at me. Last year, after our fight, he would put his hand around a girl’s shoulder and would look at me.

    Why would he do that? Does he really like me or is he trying to say that how much of fun are you missing by having a fight with me?

  25. Hi Annie,

    Since he tends to look at you often even after the both of you had your misunderstanding and started avoiding each other, there is a good chance that he is still hoping that you notice what he is doing.

    He may not be making any decisive direct moves because he doesn’t know how you feel about him and whether the misunderstanding that you both had in the past is still affecting you.

    He may have put his hand around the girl’s shoulder and looked at you in order for you to see that girls do find him attractive.

    Just as you suspect, he may have also done that to convey the message that you are missing out.

  26. Hi,

    Why would he want to me to notice him what he is doing?
    Then suddenly he talks to me….. why did he do that?
    I have even caught friends looking at me.

  27. Adding on to that one day one of good friend, a lady, was there and we all were talking to each other. One of my friend started to tease me with his name and suddenly that lady says ” o yea you like that guy na?” . Does he discuss about me that I still like him?
    Are there any chances that he likes me?

  28. Hi Annie,

    He may want you to notice what he is doing because he may want you to realize that you are missing out on being with him.

    He may have suddenly talked to you because he was trying to gauge how you felt about what he had just done.

    He may have been looking for your facial and bodily expressions as well as your vocal pitch.

  29. Annie,

    It’s unlikely he would have discussed liking you with this lady unless they are relatively close friends.

    As long as he continues behaving the way he has been behaving, he is showing that he is trying to get your attention.

    This typically means that he may be interested in you.

    However, it doesn’t mean that he will act upon it unless he truly feels that there is a very good chance that he will succeed.

  30. I joined a new organisation a yr back. I have no frnds and always kept to myself. I have noticed a guy staring at me and felt that he wanted to talk to me but I was so involved in my world that I don’t care. Suddenly one day he asked me as to y I was sad and if I had any problem. Whenever he spoke to me even I spoke to him but otherwise I speak to him only about work. He keeps staring at me and does not look away even wen I look at him and does not smile. He is nice to everybody but off late is rude to me.

  31. Hi Maan,

    He may acting rude to you of late because he may feel like you have not been responding positively to his advances.

    He is always the one who initiates conversation with you and he may be perplexed as to why you don’t ever initiate conversation with him.

    When he looks at you without smiling, he may be doing so in order to protect himself.

    He may be hoping that you smile at him first so that he can see that you truly care and like him. However, you probably aren’t doing that either.

    Hence, he has become rude to you because he may be frustrated with your behavior and may also be trying to prevent himself from falling too hard for you only to have you not reciprocate.

  32. If a guy is staring at girl with no smile and was observing her when she is around her girl friends and some guy friends what was he probably thinking? This guy was attracted to the girl before but got no reaction from her 2 years before and this girl recently stared at him and he noticed but the girl looked away.

  33. Hi Tiffany,

    If the guy was attracted to the girl 2 years before but got no reaction out of her, he may have felt like the girl didn’t like him.

    If he recently noticed her staring at him only to have her look away, this may have convinced him even more that the girl is still not interested in him.

    Perhaps this is why this guy stares at this girl today without a smile.

    He observes her around her girl friends and some guy friends and may be envious.

    However, he then remembers what happened 2 years before and acknowledges that the girl doesn’t like him anyway, so why bother being envious.

  34. Okay so if the guy felt envious that means he still has some attraction towards her, all she was doing was minding her own buisness and smiling and conversation with friends. Why waste your time staring at the girl and watching her every move when she clearly notices him staring?

  35. Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, by being envious, the guy still had some attraction towards her.

    He may have continued staring and watching her every move because he may have been hoping that at some point the girl would turn and smile at him.

  36. One more thing, I see you used the ENVIOUS instead of jealousy; they have two different meanings, what could he want from the girl that he doesnt have?

  37. Tiffany,

    What he doesn’t have, he envies.

    What he wants from the girl that he doesn’t have could be a smile his way.

    The kind of smile and acknowledgement that you were giving your friends at the time.

  38. There is this girl at my school that I’m attracted to. She’s pretty good looking. Don’t know her, not even her name. I’ve always been shy around girls that I’m really attracted to. She is one of those girls.
    The other day I went to a bar and saw her in line. As I was walking up, we made eye contact for what seemed to be longer than 10 seconds. Longest eye contact I’ve ever made with a girl that I’ve never met. She was looking pretty good. I didn’t smile, and neither did she. It was a little bit awkward.
    I have been told that I can have a pretty stern, intimidating look on occasion. However, I am also good-looking (not trying to be cocky, just adding context). She looked at me twice more as we waited in line, but I’m not sure if this was accidental. Since then, we have made awkward eye contact on several occasions. I would love to go and talk to the girl, but am concerned that my stern look may have scared her. I certainly didn’t mean to scare her, and hope that this is not the case. She has not smiled at me, nor I at her. When she looks at me she seems a little surprised to see me…and this could be consistent with fear or excitement! Not sure. What do you think?

  39. Hi Jackson,

    The sustained eye contact for 10 seconds at the bar would normally indicate that she is interested in you.

    The lack of a smile is most likely because she doesn’t want to give anything away until she knows your true intention.

    Girls will often act this way.

    It’s like a defensive tool to avoid getting themselves entangled in romantic ideas about someone who may or may not have romantic intentions toward them.

    You should go and talk to her the next time you see her.

    She has most likely already noticed that you are good looking. So you already have a leg up before you have even said a word.

  40. There is this guy that I see every now and then because of his occupation. When I see him, I notice that he constantly stares at me, in my direction. My friends have even noticed, to the point where they tell that he’s looking when I don’t notice that he is. When I turn to look, he keeps the stare and doesn’t smile. He doesn’t look away, he just keeps staring at me. I’ve smiled and then when I did, he turned and started talking to one of his friends. I want to know why he’s doing that and should I go and talk to him or wait for him to talk to me.

  41. Hi Steph,

    He may be doing that because he wants to determine if you do like him.

    However, he is not willing to give too much away and as a result he turned when you smiled at him.

    Since he has repeatedly stared at you, you can go talk to him.

    He may be one of those guys who doesn’t feel in his element until he is absolutely certain that the girl he likes, likes him too.

  42. So, according to the question and your response, do you think that the guy likes me, is that why he’s wanting to determine if I like him?

    Addition to story: We’ve talked before, and it was short and simple questions and answers. When I saw him walk out, he was walking with his friends and I noticed that before he came out, some of his friends went first and were smiling and laughing and then he came out with some friends and they were doing the same. We messaged each other one time and again the questions and answers were short and simple, do details and we haven’t messaged or talked in awhile. What should I do? Talk to him? Message him again? What did it mean by his friends laughing and smiling when they saw me?

  43. Hi Steph,

    Yes, it is likely that he likes you and that is why he wants to determine if you like him.

    Yes, you should talk to him.

    It would be more effective if you talked to him face to face instead of messaging him.

    His friends may have been laughing and smiling when they saw you because they know that he likes you.

  44. Hi Dating Logic,

    I work at a grocery store and there’s a couple of uni students who work there as well. This one guy stared at me for a solid minute when we met for the first time. I was quite intimidated by it since he’s rather attractive. Ever since that day, he and another colleague have been teasing me at work. They say things like “You can do this, right? I’m sure you can.” whenever they hand me a new task and they’re always a few steps away, so when I’m being slow or struggling, they’re there to help and give me advice. Usually with a teasing undertone and a giant smirk.
    One day, the guy I was writing about earlier just stood there staring at me while leaning against the wall. It took me a few minutes to figure out he was staring at me, not smiling or anything. When I caught his stare and said “what?” (because I was starting to get really uncomfortable.. See, he’s got big ice-blue eyes that pierce right through you) he continued staring without saying anything and after about ten seconds he decided that he should walk away. I never understood why he did that.
    Today, he stared at me a lot too. I know he has a girlfriend and I know I’m not his type, but it’s still weird and it makes me rather uncomfortable..
    What reasons could he have for staring at me, without smiling and sometimes a cheeky smirk on his face?

    With kind regards,

  45. Hi A.,

    A reason why he may be staring at you without smiling and sometimes with a cheeky smirk on his face may be because he wants to see how you respond to it.

    He wants to see if it makes you uneasy.

    If it does, he may actually enjoy that kind of reaction from you.

    It’s a way for him to somewhat flirt with you without being too overt about it.

  46. Hi,

    I really like this boy and I can see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye but when I look over he sometimes looks away and sometimes he stares without smiling .It’s almost awkward sometimes because he just doesn’t quit.Im too shy to smile eventhough I want to but I don’t know if he does it because he likes me or because he thinks I’m weird or something.please can I have your opinion?

  47. Hi Dating Logic,

    The purpose of this post is a) to reassure myself that I have made a right decision, b) to show others that eye lock does not necessarily mean anything. The post is rather long, but might be funny. There is a girl in my class who I am attracted to, but never showed any real signs of interest (apart from very rare eye contact). We’ve never talked and a couple of days ago she was sitting around 3-4 meters behind me. The professor was sitting in the rear as usual and we would often turn slightly to his direction when he would comment on a presentation. This time I did the same only to bump into her staring at me. I kept the eye contact for another 3-4 seconds, then looked away and smirked, because it was really intense, but looked weird and awkward. Today I decided to see how she behaves and judging from that maybe even start a conversation with her finally since it’s the last week of classes (apparently, the best time to get to know not only what the course was about, but also some of your classmates). The same setting, but now she took a place behind another girl, I guess, to hide from me 🙂 again I looked back when the professor was offering his two cents, she looked at me, I noticed that and intentionally threw a glance to catch her. She quickly looked away. After the class ended it so happened that she left the class right following me, so I opened the first two doors for her (I’m a gentleman and always do that 😉 ), but instead of reiterating this exercise for the third time (finally the door outside) she takes another one only to leave the building 2 minutes after at the same place and bump into me talking to a friend of mine about the paper I’m working on (I do admit she might have had to make use of the restroom for these 2 minutes which is weird too). Then I head to the bus stop, she follows me and stands at the other end of it. We take the bus (I in the rear, she in the front). I usually get off one stop earlier than her (we’ve taken it “together” like this a couple of times already), but this time I needed to route terminal. When the time for my usual bus stop came and she failed to find me among those who have left the bus, she even looked back at me to check if I’m there at all. I perceive her as a rather confident woman and hence assume that all these signs imply disinterest. Naturally, I have decided to just leave her be.

  48. Hi Philipp,

    You mentioned that she is a rather confident woman.

    Hence, we cannot attribute her behavior to extreme shyness.

    If you’ve only had that one occasion where you both locked eyes for about 3-4 seconds, there isn’t much to indicate that she is interested in you.

    Several of her actions seem to be creating distance.

    For example, she hid behind another girl when you were glancing back at the professor in class. She took another door when you had already opened the first two. She stood at the other end when you were both waiting on the bus. She sits in front of the bus and you sit in the rear.

    Once again, by your account, she is a rather confident woman.

    Thereby, she would most likely be more receptive with her body language if she was interested in a guy.

    By maintaining this kind of distance from you on a number of occasions, she may be indicating through her body language that she is not interested.

  49. There’s this guy in my math and seminar class who I sometimes catch looking at my direction. At first, I thought it was because his friend sat beside me so he was looking at him. But when we switched seats, he was still looking in my direction even though he was farther away. And when he sits closer to me, he angles his feet towards me but doesn’t make an effort to talk to me. I look at him sometimes as well and last week we made eye contact in two separate classes. But he just looks at me without smiling as if he’s studying me. I usually look away first. I’m very shy and he’s very confident so I can’t really imagine myself in a relationship with him. But I do feel attracted to him and want to know if he actually does like me. I’m not sure because although he looks at me, he doesn’t make an effort to talk to me and I saw him flirt with another girl during class once.

  50. I work for a company that shows apartments and this one guy made continual eye contact. It seemed kinda strange because most guys will break that stare but he didn’t. I don’t know why it bothered me. It wasn’t creepy and he was super cute… I just didn’t get it.

  51. Hi Jen,

    He probably didn’t break the stare because he wanted to see how you would react so as to gauge what kind of girl you are.

    If you held the stare, he would gauge that you were very confident.

    If you broke away from the stare, he would gauge that you were somewhat shy or cautious.

    He may have been trying to gauge you so that he would know how to go about talking to you the next time you both interact.

    All in all, he was staring at you in close proximity as he was being shown apartments.

    This kind of staring without breaking away in close proximity would normally indicate attraction.

  52. Hi
    A few months go I catch this guy staring at me so I stare back but he never turned away we hold the stare foe a few mins then I looked away never thought of any thing to it . A few weeks later I was walking home I got a feel someone was staring at me so I turn around there he was same guy driving by staring at me so I stared back same as the first time we hold the stare for a few sec this time he turn away it happend again and agin every time we came cross each other with a a wee smile . So I build up the courage to ask him for the number and he turn round and said no the he’s single but he didn’t want a relationship so after making a fool of myself I said ok that fine . I still see him some time driving by either I will turn to look the other way or he will . But the other day i was walking and he was driving we just starting staring at each other again . Now I try not to even look at his way because he turn me down . I feel as if there is some there but why did he turn me down ?

  53. Hi Meg,

    He did tell you that he doesn’t want a relationship.

    Hence, that is most likely the reason why he turned you down.

    Sometimes, a guy will stare at you but not really want more out of it.

    It sometimes has to do with dealing with a relatively recent break up and not wanting to get involved with someone new.

    However, he will stare because that is safer for him to do.

  54. And I never asked him if he wanted a relationship just ask if he wanted to swap numbers . After saying no to that he kept going on about wanted to be single but then he turn round and said that he still see people but wants to stay single ?

  55. Meg,

    He may have thought that by exchanging numbers you would ultimately want a relationship if you grew to like him and he most likely didn’t want to find himself in that situation.

  56. I am still not sure. I was sitting on the first seat in the second row and my crush was sitting in the third row 2nd last seat (There are 6 seats in every row). I wanted to look at him so i turned my head back to see what he was doing and he was already staring at me expressionless. I felt uncomfortable because i had no idea what he was thinking. I turned back back to the front and looked back after 10 minutes..he was again already staring at me. ?
    I am sure he knows i like him but not sure how much. I love him so freaking much.

  57. Hi Dating Logic,
    I’m a barista and I have a crush in one of my regulars. We usually talk friendly and sometimes I give him a free coffee or draw hearts in his cup. Last wednesday morning he made a joke that I like his friend more than him because I gave his friend’s drink first. That afternoon he came again to the coffee shop and I told him he is the one who gets the all the free coffees, not his friend. He got embarrassed and said he was just joking. 10 minutes later he came back again with another coleague, he didn’t even get a coffee, just made some jokes and smile at me.
    But since Thursday he just order his coffee very serious and doesn’t even say hello… Stares at me and doesn’t smile. He even had a meeting one day, seated facing me, looked a lot at me but didn’t say hello or smile. Any idea about what is in his mind?

  58. Hi Jo,

    He may be feeling awkward about the joke he made about you giving his friend his drink first and the way you ultimately responded to that.

    You later told him that he is the one who gets all the free coffees.

    He may be worried that his jokes aren’t landing and that you may be taking him too seriously.

  59. Hi! Probably you were right 🙂
    Thanks so much for your reply. Today he came at the coffee shop and gave me the sweetest look and smile. Next time he makes a joke about being jealous I’ll try to be more cool, tease and make him fight to be my favorite. Thanks for everything in this website, I’m learning a lot.

  60. Hey Datinglogic!
    There is a guy… He’s a good-looking, bit selfish,bit popular guy who’s so proud of himself because he goes to the gym, and staff,but i can see that in fact it’s just the outside,he can be nice too. We go to the same grade,for 3 years, and from the first year he kept staring at me,but i made no big deal out of this, because he’s a “handsome guy” and i’m a bit overwighted,so i tought it’s just nothing. One time me and my friend walked in our classroom and he was sitting next to the door with his firends,and said something mean when we walked by,i can’t remember what was it,but i looked back straight into his eyes with a kind of “STFU” look, and he just stared back but there was no more malice in his eyes. And from that moment everytime we met in the hallway we staring at each other, but i always look away. I don’t understand why he’s doing it! He always searching for eyecontact and than just looks at me, with this indecipherable look,but never smiles,and i won’t smile because i don’t know what he wants,altought i’m always laughing, or have a great happy spiritand maybe have feelings for him. It’s just confuses me :/ thank you so much if you would help enlighten me on the issue! Sorry for wrong language, i’m still learning 🙂

  61. Hi Petra,

    He is a good looking guy who is also quite popular.

    He is most likely used to girls giving him quite a bit of attention.

    These girls may try to talk to him or flirt with him on a regular basis.

    You, on the other hand, don’t really do that.

    Hence, he may keep staring at you with an indecipherable look because he is trying to figure out what makes you so different from the other girls and whether you like him in any way.

  62. Hi, this has been hating me for ages, since my last year of high school, I was in class one day and my girlfriends were having a conversation about the new teacher they found really attractive… I don’t pay much attention to people so out of curiosity I decided to follow someone to his classroom, just to see who this man was.. Once I stepped in I, I thought to myself oh its this man I’ve seen him a couple of times… I couldn’t just leave without saying anything to him it would have been awkward, so I pretended as though I needed paper so I asked politely and laughed and he responded politely and smiled.. After that moment I would occasionally stare or look at him because what I heard about him made him suddenly intriguing to me, he would catch me looking at him sometimes and I would slyly look away or give him a polite glance… but after those moments he would stare back at me with a very serious look on his face and never smiled or anything nice… so I figured that maybe he assumes that I’m coming across with ‘ wrong’ intentions… so I stopped being polite. Ever since that the man kept staring at me for the entire year with a very serious look on his face…. He would literally move, lean foward or tilt is head to stare at me where ever he saw me, I’m assembly he would stand where he could get a closer view of me and not focus on what was being addressed he would just stare, when I was on lunch break and queuing for food if he saw me he would come in and just stare… funny thing is he smiled and interacted with other leaner but immidately when he saw my face his smiled vanished… It got to the extent where I felt like I did something very wrong and it was so intense it made me feel uncomfortable. ..why would someone stare at you everywhere you go but never smile or talk to you ? I started giving him that ‘ I don’t like the way you are staring at me look’ when ever I caught him and he saw that and would look away immediately, then once I looked away he would stare again…There was an incident where he was talking to a student and I happened to be passing by, when he saw my face he lost control of himself, he became speechless, nervous as though he wanted to run or move away…. I don’t understand it please tell me what this means

  63. Hi Dating Logic
    There is a handsome boy in my school, he is one of those popular boy (I have a crush on him).
    He saw me looking at him twice because our eyes crossed, well, after months I perceive that sometimes he looks at me from afar and when I catch him looking at me he always maintain the eye contact (I’m the one who break it) but he always do it with a serious face, I know that is the typical expression of his face because 90% of the times he has that expression.
    In our school he has gimmasia (it’s a subject) an hour later than my class, he could wait outside with his friends but on several occasions I saw him in the area where I had my class and there was once when he leaned in the middle of a wall (opposite where I was having my gym class) and looked at me from afar, I was in the middle of an exam and when I look at the wall he was gone but fifteen seconds after he moved from the opposite wall to the column where i was running, I never expected have him so close, he was watching my classroom, another fact that happened to me recently was when I was on the second floor, alone (because the other students were in their classrooms) waiting for the result of my exam and when I look to my left I see him coming up, he did not know I was there waiting, but when he saw me he leaned against the wall of one of the classrooms where the students were taking their classes and he put his hands in his pockets (as if he were trying to look cool) and looked at my eyes with an intense serious stare, again I could not stand the tension and looked away (it was just the two of us on the second floor) but I feel his eyes on me even though my eyes were not looking at him and after a few seconds I looked to see if he kept looking at me and yes he kept doing it so I decided to look away and that’s when I saw him go down the stairs, my body relax but when I thought everything was fine I see him climbing the stairs again (the same one he used to go down) and he did the same as before, but this time without his hands in his pockets and looked at me, the expression on my face was neutral because of the intense stare and after a few seconds he started to walk around and passed by where I was and ended up down the stairs where I was standing, he had a staircase in his left so why he preferred to take a whole turn, pass near mine and finish using the right ladder, even if he wanted to use the right ladder there was no need to pass near me (I forget to mention that both stairs leave you in the same place so…)
    He also added me on facebook and tagged himself in a photo that I uploaded (of a rock band that we both like) and then he use it as a profile photo, I do not know if he knows that it’s me because I don’t have any photos of me in my facebook

  64. The same thing is happening to me. There´s this guy at school (not in the same class as me) that always looks at me when he sees me and sometimes stares but never smiles. I try to look at him to but I also don´t smile because i don´t know if he likes me or not. We have never talked to each other and he doesn´t know my name (I think), but I found him on facebook. Should I send a friend request or would that be creepy? I´m way to shy to make the first move and go talk to him or even smile when he look at me.

  65. Well.. there’s a Russian guy in our class he stares at me and when i look back at him he doesn’t turn his eyes or anything he keeps looking inside my eyes in a bad way he waits me to turn my eyes first that is very annoying he looks at me like he wants to kill me he always looks at me like he hates me though i didn’t do anything to him we just met this year. Why does he do that does he hates me or what.

  66. Ever since we switched seats into new table groups in Physics class, this guy’s been blankly looking at me a lot. Then I’d catch him and blankly stare back, but then break eye contact after 3 seconds or so. (There are 2 other people in the table group, so it’ll be weird.) At first, I didn’t really pay attention to it, but lately, it’s been happening nearly twice every class.

    Maybe it’s because we sit right across from each other, so I’m directly in his line of sight? (Still not happy with my self-made explanation.)

    We’ve been in roughly the same friend group since middle school now (Asian nerd group, we had friends in common), but never really met or talked to each other before now. In the first few weeks since the seating change, I wore my shirt inside out and blurted it out in class, accidentally mentioned I’m a goldfish serial killer, and did a bunch of other weird things. So, the staring could totally be because he’s thinking “who the heck is this weirdo”.

    I don’t like him as of now. Just curious about why he’s staring. (Also he’s kinda cute, so I wouldn’t mind falling. But I need to know if I’m falling for someone who thinks I’m a weirdo or someone who has an affinity for me.)

  67. There is this guy who keeps looking at me and when I catch him, he doesn’t look away. What does this mean?

  68. there is a guy who i am inlove with, and was ignoring me like I dont exist, then I did my best to get over him… and finally i did but one he texted me he was sorry that he was mean to me and wanted to start a life as a stranger and according to my co worker he was always staring at me??? what was that all about?? i cant figure him…

  69. My neighbour who is a guy likes to stare at me from afar and when I get closer he just looks away. This has been happening for some time and I’m asking myself why

  70. There’s this new guy in my class who keeps staring at me. The moment he enters the room, he looks at me. But when I take a glance at him during classes, he is busy writing notes. He doesn’t follow me on Instagram and recently my friend told me that he was looking at her! That friend doesn’t know I have a crush on him. He follows her on Insta and though my friend told me she didn’t follow him first yet I know she was the one who first sent him a request. To add, my friend is already committed to another guy. Now, the guy I have crush on stares at me blankly often and when I look at him he doesn’t look away and doesn’t smile even a bit. Even one of his friends also looks at me. We have never ever talked before. But we both know we stare at each other during classes. What does this all mean? Does he like me? Even if he does, why doesn’t he send me a follow request on his own even though he knows I use it. Pls tell me.

  71. Hi I don’t know when you will get to this comment but lately a lot of guys keep staring at me. It’s uncomfortable but in different situations which I don’t understand. The first one was a man who was staring at me but looked down when I caught him looking in my direction. Does this mean he is shy or is it something else? Another incident were when I entered a store this guy couldn’t lay his off of me. He just intentionally did this even when I were checking out my items. He just stared at me, paused everything he was doing. I also feel very uncomfortable in this situation since he had a mean mug on his face looking at me. What sign was he given me? We’re he a racist? Hated me? What idk I was just uncomfortable in that time.

  72. Hi I don’t know when you will get to this comment but lately a lot of guys keep staring at me. It’s uncomfortable but in different situations which I don’t understand. The first one was a man who was staring at me but looked down when I caught him looking in my direction. Does this mean he is shy or is it something else? Another incident were when I entered a store this guy couldn’t lay his off of me. He just intentionally did this even when I were checking out my items. He just stared at me, paused everything he was doing. I also feel very uncomfortable in this situation since he had a mean mug on his face looking at me. What sign was he given me? We’re he a racist? Hated me? What idk I was just uncomfortable in that time.

  73. Hello, so there is this guy who I had multiple awkward encounters with.This guy is always on his phone when he is walking, only looks up to see he is not going to trip. He only has guy friends who he rarely hangs out with and I have never seen him talk to a girl. We live in the same hallway of the residence hall, so at first I thought it was normal since we lived in the same hallway. Until one day, I was walking back to my dorm from the school cafeteria and he was a certain distance behind me. I heard footsteps rushing until I saw a guy pass me. Just as I was getting closer to the doors to enter the residence building, he passed me, opened the door, and stood there holding it while staring at me. I thought he was just being a gentleman; however, I took the stairwell and so did he, we reached the third floor and I opened the door to enter the hallway. just as I had opened the door, he reached just above my shoulder to hold the door. I thought it was super weird since we don’t know each other…we are complete strangers. Weeks later, he saw me holding hands with my boyfriend who came to visit me. So i think he now knows that i am in a relationship, so days after he saw us, I encountered him in the hallway and he stared at me without blinking or smiling as he was walking pass me. I held the gaze for about 4 sec and then looked away. Usually when he is walking while looking at his phone and I pass by him, he turns to look at me but I avoid making eye contact with him. So one day before we had our winter break I decided to approach him in a friendly manner. We were both in the elevator and we were directly facing each other, he was looking down at the floor until I asked him a question. we talked as we walked into the hallway and had a nice conversation. the day after, when I saw him I waved and smiled hello at him. He did a small wave with a blank/cold/surprised look on his face. I felt bad because of his response but them that same night I saw him at the cafeteria where he waved at me first, still with the blank facial expression, no smile, nothing. after a month of not seeing him, I didnt know what i should do if I saw him. This week we came back and I saw him so I waved hello and smiled. then again he waved back at me with his serious face.
    I’ve never seen him talk to girls. he’s always on his phone. only comes out of his room if he’s going to class or has to eat. only had guy friends. and he is not afraid to look me into the eyes and maybe hold the stare. I don’t understand, is he shy? does he not like me? am I annoying to him? does he just not know how to talk to a girl or even how to act around a girl? does he not want to be my friend? does he not want to get close to me? am I intimidating?

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