How Do You Know When A Guy Is Flirting With You?

A guy is flirting with you when he looks you up and down, doing a once over with his eyes.

How Do You Know When A Guy Is Flirting With You?He does this several times, subtle about it at first, but after a while he makes it obvious.

Catching him looking you up and down is his objective, as this is how he conveys the message that he is flirting with you.

A guy who is flirting with you, touches you.

He touches your arm, shoulder, thigh, back, etc., but does it so lightly.

The idea is that you sense his touch but not be turned off by it.

The touch is light and sustained for a brief period before he releases it.

A guy flirts like this to develop a comfort level with you through touch.

The more he touches you lightly from time to time, the more he hopes that he is putting you at ease.

As human beings, the touch of another is either upsetting or comforting.

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He hopes that you feel the latter.

A guy brushes against you when he flirts.

This is how he gets your attention in a crowded room or when you are distracted by others.

He did it the first time and you didn’t acknowledge it.

You were talking to friends or doing something else.

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He brushes against you again, in the hopes you acknowledge it.

It is a light brush.

He does it across your arm, shoulder or back.

He is hoping that when he does this, you look in his direction and establish eye contact with him.

At that moment, he smiles or gives you a slight nod of approval.

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He gives you a look up and down to convey the message that he is flirting with you.

A guy who is flirting with you compliments you.

He flatters you, singling you out from every other girl in an attempt to show you how special you are.

The compliments are directed at your style of dress, beauty, intelligence, personality, etc., so that you realize he is setting you apart from every other girl.

Creating the impression that you have no equal is the goal.

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You are that special and unique.

Boosting your ego and self-esteem is his objective.

When you feel this good, the likelihood you pay greater attention to him is stronger.

A guy who has you feeling this good must be special too.

Suddenly, he has your complete attention and your romantic interest is triggered.

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From here, he hopes to beguile you with his charm.

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