How Do You Know When A Guy Is Flirting With You?

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How Do You Know When A Guy Is Flirting With You?

He may look you up and down.

He essentially does a once over with his eyes.

He may do this several times.

This is one of the biggest signs that a guy is flirting with you.

He may try to be subtle about it at first but after a while he may try to make it obvious.

This is because he wants to ensure that you notice him looking you up and down.

This is a way in which he is trying to convey the message that he is flirting with you.

A guy who is flirting with you will also try to touch you as often as he can.

He may touch your arm, thigh, back, etc.

He will normally do so lightly.

He wants you to sense his touch but not be turned off by it.

The touch may be light and sustained for a brief period before he releases it.

You really need to watch for this.

A guy will flirt like this often because he wants to develop a comfort level with you through touch.

The more he touches you lightly from time to time, the more he hopes that he is putting you at ease.

As human beings, the touch of another can either be very upsetting or very comforting.

He hopes that you will feel the latter.

A guy may even try to brush against you when he flirts.

This is especially so if the both of you are in a crowded room and he is trying to get your attention.

He may have done it the first time and you didn’t notice.

Perhaps you were talking to friends or just engaged in something else.

However, he brushes against you again, just so that you notice him.

It is a light brush.

He will typically do it across your arm, shoulder or back.

He is hoping that when he does this, you will look in his direction and establish eye contact with him.

At that moment, he may smile or simply give you a slight nod of approval.

He may even give you a look up and down.

He does all this to convey the message that he is flirting with you.

A guy who is flirting with you will compliment you often.

He will typically do so in a way that is not only flattering but is also meant to show how much better you appear as opposed to other girls.

He may compliment your style of dress and tell you that you look so much better than all the other girls in the room who look like they need real fashion advice.

In essence, he tries to put you above all of the girls that would seemingly be your competitors.

He does this because he wants you to feel special and unique.

He also wants to boost your ego and sense of self-esteem.

He wants you to feel good about yourself.

He knows that if he can get you to feel good about yourself, he has the best chance of getting you to approve of him.

When you attribute a good feeling to him, you make him more important than he may actually be.

You want to hear more because he is making you feel so good.

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