So I’m Falling For Someone. What Next?

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So I'm Falling For Someone. What Next?

Don’t get carried away by your emotions, thinking about what is next.

When you fall for someone prematurely, you end up forcing the relationship in a direction that you are compelling.

Contain your feelings.

Falling for someone you haven’t known for long or haven’t been dating for long, requires that you give the relationship time to develop and blossom.

A lot of people make the mistake of acting on their emotions too soon or set unrealistic expectations when they fall for someone.

Don’t be that person.

There is a reason why there is a courtship period before transitioning to a committed relationship.

When you set definitive expectations on the relationship due to how you feel, you apply undue pressure on the relationship.

Let the relationship grow and develop properly.

Stay disciplined and keep from pushing the relationship in whatever direction that you are yearning for it to go.

Too much pushing on your end, leaves the other party feeling like they are being forced to move in a distinct direction that they are not prepared to go.

The deeper you fall for someone, the more susceptible you are to prematurely forcing a relationship towards a desired direction.

No matter how perfect you think the relationship is at the moment, think again.

Merely falling for someone doesn’t mean that the person is the right one for you.

This is why it is matters not to force this relationship along prematurely, as you are falling for this person.

You are overlooking red flags about this person’s persona.

These are red flags that have the potential to show up down the road and negatively harm your relationship.

What are you overlooking when you are falling for someone and not keeping your emotions in check?

Are you overlooking their ideological beliefs.

Do your ideological beliefs align?

These are differences that have the potential to become a major factor in the future that hurts the relationship.

What else?

What about the anger you experienced from this person recently.

It was quick and came out of nowhere.

You chose to let it go, telling yourself it was an anomaly and nothing else.

Was it?

Does this person’s anger go deeper than this, warranting closer observation and caution?

What have you been overlooking about this person?

It’s hard to see and analyze red flags when you have fallen for someone and have permitted your feelings to overwhelm your common sense.

This is how people prematurely get into relationships that end up being mentally or physically abusive.

Without a robust and sustained period of courtship, you are susceptible to this.

Too emotionally invested, it’s harder to extricate yourself from a bad relationship.

This is where you are desperately doing everything in your power to salvage a doomed relationship.

Is this what you want?

Of course not.

Stop thinking about what comes next.

Concentrate on the here and now, working to develop a stronger knowledge of one another.

Be patient.

It’s better to let a relationship happen after a sustained period of courtship, than jump into a relationship prematurely based on overeager emotions.

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