First Kiss – What Now?

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First Kiss - What Now?

Avoid grandiose expectations, owing to a shared kiss.

A first kiss doesn’t mean anything comes of this.

Yes, the kiss was fantastic or awkward, but it was a first kiss and nothing else.

This is where you need to exercise restraint.

First kisses are romanticized in lore.

In fairy tales, a first kiss turns a frog into a human prince.

So much is made of a first kiss, as though it dictates how viable or compatible a relationship is.

It doesn’t.

Whether the kiss was amazing or awkward, it doesn’t signify much of anything this early in courtship.

There are no guarantees that a second kiss, were it to happen, is better or worse than the first.

The first kiss mustn’t be what you concern yourself with at this time.

There is work left to be done.

Rather than applying undue hopes on what this first kiss means, keep putting the work into building rapport with this person.

When someone gets caught up in a first kiss and projects about what happens now, they lose sight of what matters.

Talking to each other and asking the right questions mustn’t take a backseat to conversations about the kiss.

You mustn’t make your whole attention be about this first kiss.

No matter how amazing it was.

There are no guarantees that the two of you are right for each other.

Knowing whether you are right for each other isn’t determined by a first kiss.

In lieu of mentioning this first kiss, talk about what matters, which concerns who this person is and who you are.

Ask questions and provide answers to this end.

Go out on regular dates that excite the two of you.

Now that you have shared a first kiss, it is tempting to expect more.


A first kiss doesn’t mean this must be the standard from here on out.

Approaching a first kiss in this fashion applies undue pressure on the relationship and it is too early for that.

Stay grounded and keep your attention on developing a stronger acquaintance.

When you read too much into a first kiss, it distracts you from working on building rapport, as your mind sets expectations about when the next kiss happens.

Unfortunately, constantly thinking about when the next kiss is coming, leaves you stuck in somewhat of a lurch.

On a date with this person, you aren’t as present as you need to be, being that you are contemplating whether a second kiss is imminent.

Forget about that first kiss.

As long as you court each other properly, communicating on a regular basis and having fun dates, another kiss happens at the right moment.

No need to force it.

Work on building rapport with this person and everything else inherently falls into place.

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