First Kiss – What Now?

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First Kiss - What Now?

Let things unfold the way they should.

The last thing you should do is start allowing yourself to have all kinds of expectations simply because the both of you shared a kiss.

This is the danger that can easily become your day to day reality if you let it.

You had a first kiss with this person.

It was fantastic.

You feel hopeful.

You feel like this person is most certainly going to be the one.

This person is going to be the one that meets all of what you are looking for in a romantic partner.

This person is going to complete you in every way.

They will make your dark days brighter and your bright days even more brighter.

They will fulfill all of your emotional needs.

They will always make you happy.

They will raise your sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

They will…

Slow it down.

It was just a first kiss.

Don’t make the mistake of reading too much into it.

Yes, I understand, a first kiss can be very powerful.

If it was a really good first kiss, it can even be mesmerizing.

The power and effect of a kiss can be truly profound.

However, your task for now is to avoid becoming intoxicated by it.

You may simply be dealing with someone who is a really good kisser and nothing more.

Simply because the kiss may have been amazing doesn’t necessarily mean that a real connection has been established.

You can’t just look to this kiss as the decider.

You will have to allow the process of getting to know each other to continue unhampered and unhindered.

To fill it with expectations would also be a mistake.

It would mean that instead of allowing this whole thing to develop naturally, you are beginning to put parameters in how you want this process to go.

You may start forcing the issue where patience was required.

When you don’t allow each other the opportunity to continue learning about one another and growing, you stifle the process.

Even if you were to get into a relationship with this person, you may run into problems that could have been avoided if you had simply allowed the process to develop at its own pace.

I know that you are excited about this first kiss.

Indeed, this first kiss could lead to more.

However, when you give this interaction the time it needs to develop, you would be giving it the best chance at surviving.

You don’t have to bring up the fact that the both of you kissed the next time you see this person.

You should also not begin to expect that the next time you see this person, there will be a second kiss.

With this kind of anticipation, you may be really disappointed if a second kiss doesn’t happen the next time you see this person.

How would you feel then?

You may feel dejected, even rejected.

However, this person may not have given you that second kiss because the timing didn’t seem right.

Perhaps they simply didn’t feel like it was the right location or it just felt like it would be forced if they went for it.

They didn’t mean to convey a message of rejection.

However, because you were so intent on that second kiss and didn’t get it, you are disappointed.

This could affect how you act on future dates with this person.

If this person senses that you are unhappy about something, they may read that as you being unhappy with them and that may push them away.

Be calm.

Avoid expectations.

If a second kiss happens on your next meeting, fine. If it doesn’t, fine.

Just let things unfold at a normal, unforced pace and you will have the best chance at reaching the right result in this relationship.

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