Why Do Guys Who Are In A Relationship Flirt Around With Several Women?

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Why Do Guys Who Are In A Relationship Flirt Around With Several Women?

Guys who are in a relationship and flirt around with several women may be doing so because they want the attention.

Just because they are in a relationship doesn’t mean that they are getting the kind of attention that they want.

This tends to arise due to complacency.

What often happens in relationships is that one or both partners become complacent.

When a partner becomes complacent, they have taken the other partner for granted.

As a result, they don’t acknowledge the other partner like they used to when they were initially dating.

They may stop doing special things for the partner like they used to.

They get so complacent that they may not even call their partner those cute names that their partner was used to receiving from them.

When a guy is in this kind of relationship, he may begin to doubt his value and his attractiveness.

He may get to a point where he just wants to feel like someone appreciates him and cares.

He begins to flirt with other women.

He initially does so out of that desire for something more that he isn’t getting from his partner who has taken him for granted.

He may want a compliment, a smile, a touch or some kind of praise.

He may just want to start feeling like he is worth something again.

This is a big reason why a guy in a relationship would flirt around with several women.

If he were to get the acknowledgement he is seeking from these women, he would feel a boost to his sense of self esteem and worth.

Another reason why guys who are in a relationship flirt around with several women would also be due to a lack of discipline.

He may be a flirty person and has always been.

If you can recall the period before the both of you started dating exclusively, you may recall that he was flirty then too.

There are guys who simply love to flirt whether they are in a relationship or not.

It is in their nature.

In scenarios like this, they may not even think that there is anything wrong with it because it is how they have always been.

They may feel like the flirting is harmless and that their partner should just understand and stop fretting.

In other words, this kind of behavior is the norm for them.

When a guy is flirty by nature, he will find it very difficult to put himself in the shoes of his partner who gets to observe this with disdain.

This can be a sign of a narcissist as well.

When a partner could care less how what they do affects the other, narcissism isn’t too far fetched of a definition of some of this behavior.

Regardless of what the reasoning may be for the flirting, your task is to have a talk with your boyfriend and be honest about your emotions and rationales.

If you have thought about this and realize that perhaps you have been taking him for granted, this would be a time to have that discussion and make a change.

If you think that this is a case of narcissism on his part, that discussion needs to be had as well.

Either way, this problem needs to be addressed and remedied as soon as possible.

When one partner is uneasy about something in the relationship, it typically gets worse if nothing is done about it.

If the issue isn’t addressed early on, it tends to linger even if it may not always be at the forefront.

When the issue resurfaces to cause problems in the relationship, it is even stronger because it has had time to linger and strengthen.

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