Girl Is Warm One Day, Slightly Standoffish The Next

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Girl Is Warm One Day, Slightly Standoffish The Next

She may be playing a game with you.

She may be trying to gauge just how interested in her you are and how much you would be willing to tolerate as a result.

Some girls play this kind of game because they want to maintain an upper hand.

They want to have a strong level of control over the situation.

This protects them emotionally.

They know that they can control the situation and know what to expect.

She knows that the more she does this, the more questions you will ask.

When she notices the effect what she is doing has on you, she would be tempted to do it more.

You will wonder why she is talkative and sweet one day and the next day she is acting like she barely knows you.

As long as you are asking these questions in your mind, she will always be relevant.

She will continue to be a presence in your daily life even if she may not be physically there.

There is a good chance that this girl has done this in the past and it has worked.

She has seen how guys respond to this kind of behavior by wanting more from her.

She is aware that if she keeps a guy constantly wondering about where he fits in all of this, it may make him put out even more effort to try to get her.

Again, this is a form of control on her part and oftentimes a game.

She will play it until she feels that she can truly be herself and open herself up to you.

She may or may not ever get to this point.

It all depends on how the both of you interact and the vibe she continues to get from you.

She may reach a point where she feels like she has had her fill of the game and doesn’t really see much reason to continue.

She lets you go and moves on to someone else.

To her, this form of control could only take her so far because she has now lost interest in the game.

On the flip side, she may reach a point where she gets worried that if she keeps playing this game she may ultimately lose you.

This is especially true if she notices that other girls may be taking some of that attention away from her.

She wouldn’t want you to be distracted or taken away from her.

This is the point where she may actually stop the game and just be honest with her true feelings and her behavior.

When she essentially senses a threat, she may become more willing to end the act of being warm and standoffish because she feels like she has lost some degree of that control.

You should understand that a girl who does this could really fall into two categories.

One category of genuine interest and the other of simply loving the power and control she has over your emotions.

You have to ask yourself if you are willing to play along and discover how far she is willing to take this. It may not end the way you would want it to and then again it might.

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