Should I Feel Guilty For Rejecting Many Men In My Life?

Should I Feel Guilty For Rejecting Many Men In My Life?

You shouldn’t.

You did the men you rejected a favor.

Imagine the pain you would cause in leading them on.

By rejecting these men, you were being true to your feelings.

How these men handle being rejected isn’t your responsibility.

Your responsibility should be to be straightforward in telling a man that you aren’t interested in him.

There are women who aren’t.

Instead of being clear about not being romantically interested, she gives him hope in telling him that she will think about it or that she is busy, or whatever excuse she comes up with.

When you politely reject a man outright, you are respecting his time and saving him from having false hope.

This is the kindest way to go about rejecting a guy.

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As long as you reject men in this fashion, you should never feel guilty for rejecting men.

It’s when you know you have no interest in a man, and yet, you give him an ambiguous response that makes him believe there is hope you do like him that you are going about this all wrong.

Feeling guilty when you reject men in this manner is warranted.

Men have the burden of having to make the first move on women, in approaching and asking them out.

That is mentally and emotionally dire enough for many men.

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To make it worse for him by giving him the impression that he has a chance with you, when you already know that you have no interest in him, is where the guilt should be felt.

Your mind shouldn’t be concerned with whether rejecting many men in your life warrants a feeling of guilt on your part.

It should be on how you reject these men.

Are you being polite while simultaneously making it clear that you aren’t romantically interested in the man?

This is the right way to reject a man.

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On the other hand, when you are rude as you go about rejecting a man, this is never a good response and warrants a feeling of guilt.

Additionally, when you don’t make it clear that you aren’t romantically interested in him, giving him the impression that he has a shot with you in your response, a feeling of guilt is warranted.

Listen, it is not your fault that many men find you attractive.

You were born with these looks.

You had nothing to do with your beautiful genetics.

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That has everything to do with the parents who brought you into the world.

Never feel guilty for having an exclusive type of man that you are attracted to.

That is your prerogative.

You don’t owe any guy your affection or attraction.

You know what you like and that is your business.

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Keep in mind that you have never put a gun to the head of any of these men forcing them to approach you or ask you out.

They know that they are taking a risk whenever they approach you or ask you out.

In that vain, they are aware that rejection is plausible.

That is a risk they take.

It has nothing to do with you.

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A guy who has the courage to approach you and ask you out, should have the maturity to handle rejection appropriately.

As long as you reject him respectfully and unambiguously, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

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