What Is The Best Way A Girl Can Tell A Guy That She Isn’t Interested?

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What Is The Best Way A Girl Can Tell A Guy That She Isn't Interested?

“Thank you but I’m not interested.”

It is really that simple.

It may sound a little harsh but it really isn’t.

Now, if you are too worried about how he will react to all of this and hurting his feelings, you will have to stop being that way.

You can’t be responsible for how every guy is going to take rejection.

This is something that a guy has to deal with on a personal level.

The only responsibility that you have is in being honest and true.

If you were to give him an ambiguous answer, you would only be exacerbating the situation and making him believe that there is hope when there really isn’t.

This is when you have done something that can actually make him feel worse.

You have given him the impression that there is a possibility.

If you were to give him your number because you were simply too afraid to be honest with him about not being interested, you have given him hope.

When he uses that number and you choose to ignore his phone call, how do you think you will make him feel then?

He would be crushed.

You have to understand that you are better off being straightforward right from the beginning.

If you are unwilling to do this, you would only make him believe that he has a chance.

This will draw this out even more.

He will become more invested in you even though you actually aren’t interested in him. However, he doesn’t know this.

By the time he is forced to finally get the picture because you have ignored his calls and texts or given excuses about not being able to make it to a date, he may have invested quite a bit into you emotionally and would feel even more rejected and devastated.

Another way you can more kindly tell him that you are not interested is by telling him this:

“I would rather we get to know each other as friends. I also have a girlfriend that would be just right for you.”

In this example, you are letting him know that your intentions with him are platonic in nature.

However, you are also giving him another option by letting him know about your girlfriend.

At this point, you have made two offers.

You have offered friendship and an introduction.

What he chooses to do is up to him. However, you would have conveyed the clear message that you aren’t interested in him romantically.

Another way that you can go about telling a guy that you are not interested can be through your nonverbal language.

If you don’t want to tell him verbally, you can avoid making eye contact with him and always keep a good physical separation between you.

You shouldn’t flirt with him or give him compliments.

You should avoid getting into romantic discussions with him and keep your conversations to a minimum, if at all.

Using the nonverbal body language tactic in conveying the message that you are not interested will take longer to have an effect.

It may take him a while to finally get it.

The verbal route tends to be quicker.

It’s up to you.

You will have to figure out what will work best for you.

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