Why Do Guys On Dating Apps Initiate To Meet And Then Ghost You?

Why Do Guys On Dating Apps Initiate To Meet And Then Ghost You?

It never feels good when a guy from a dating app ghosts you.

You were excited about meeting up.

He was the one who initiated the meeting.

After a good number of conversations with him on a dating app, you were already thinking about what it would be like to date him.

You were getting excited about him, telling your friends and family about how splendidly it has been going.

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He did what you were hoping he would in asking to meet in person.

Then, he ghosted you.

You don’t get it.

Why go through the trouble of asking a girl out to meet and ghost the girl?

I know where you are coming from.

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You aren’t the only girl who has been asked out by a guy she met on a dating app and been ghosted.

Several girls have been at the receiving end of a guy who disappears on them, and there is no further contact, as though they never matched on a dating app.

Don’t take it personally.

I know that it is easier said than done.

But, if you were to let this get to you, you are making yourself susceptible to bitterness.

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When you are bitter on a dating app, you struggle to trust men.

This means that you struggle with letting guys in, and you get into the bad habit of judging guys on account of your negative prior encounters with guys who ghosted you.

This doesn’t do you any good on dating apps.

You lose out on guys who were otherwise good matches, inspired by a general distrust for men.

This being said, there are men on dating apps who are selfish in their intentions.

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Initiating a meeting with a girl and consequently ghosting her is nothing to him.

He isn’t conscientious of her.

He is selfish and is looking to satiate his ego and make himself feel bigger than his breaches.

A guy who initiates a meeting and ghosts you is full of ego and to some extent, a degree of narcissism.

Many of these guys get a rush out of knowing that the girl agreed to meet up and was excited about it.

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Crushing her in not following up on that meeting is how he gets his rush.

In ghosting you, his power is in full swing.

He had the power to crush your dreams or excitement and that makes him feel above it all.

Clearly, this isn’t a guy that is worth your time and emotion.

Reduce the frequency of these incidents by being weary of guys who ask you to meet up too soon after an introduction.

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Guys who initiate a meeting too soon are the ones who have the highest tendency of ghosting.

Not only are they looking to get their egos stroked and exercise control in subsequently ghosting you, they are playing the numbers game.

This is where he is quickly initiating a meeting with as many women as he can, so as to filter out those he wants to go out with and those he doesn’t.

These are the guys who have a propensity to swipe on every dating profile they are presented as a match.

To him, his time on a dating app isn’t about finding a viable long-term partner.

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It is about satisfying his selfish needs to boost his ego and exercise control, while sifting through the girls he is looking to hook up with.


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