Does My Gym Crush Want To Be Approached?

Does My Gym Crush Want To Be Approached?

You may have noticed this gym crush looking in your direction from time to time or even constantly.

Perhaps they tend to look away relatively quickly when you happen to catch their eye.

If this has been happening on a consistent basis, your gym crush is attracted to you.

They may not be trying to talk to you because they are shy.

They don’t quite know how to go about doing it and worry that you may not actually be attracted to them.

Sometimes, all it really takes is for you to make the initial approach and your gym crush may soon start opening up a lot more to you and even initiating some future interactions.

Now, if you are also on the shy side, it is still important that you approach your gym crush.

Being that you have already experienced these signs of interest, simply taking a step back and hoping that your gym crush will approach you could end up causing you to lose out on an opportunity.

In other words, your gym crush is only going to be interested in you for a limited time.

If you don’t take advantage of your opportunity, it won’t be long before you realize that your gym crush isn’t looking in your direction like they once were.

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Without any action from you, your gym crush would just assume that you are not interested in them and will stop looking your way so as to move on.

Even if you were to eventually come around and approach your gym crush, it may be too late.

They may have already moved on mentally and emotionally.

Thereby, they would not really be interested in pursuing anything romantic with you.

This is why you must make your approach now.

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Even if you are shy, there are ways that you can approach that can still work for you without putting you in a vulnerable position.

One of the easiest ways to make an approach if you are the shy type is to just use something in your environment as a topic of conversation.

You could ask her about whether she is familiar with how to use a particular piece of equipment as you aren’t particularly familiar with it.

People are often willing to help. They like feeling useful.

This is one of the best ways to get her engaged in an extended interaction with you in a way that feels natural and unforced.

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It is best to pick equipment that you have actually seen her using in the past.

This way, you already know that she is familiar with it and thereby you would increase the chances of getting her to help you.

This is when you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself as she is showing you how to use the equipment.

Try to crack a joke or two as the both of you are interacting.

Seem personable and easy to talk to.

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This goes a long way in breaking the ice between you.

From here, it will feel natural for the both of you to start talking to each other a lot more in future encounters.

This should lead to you discovering whether she has a boyfriend or not.

If she doesn’t, you should ask her out without delay.

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