My Crush Likes Me, How Do I Approach Her?

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My Crush Likes Me, How Do I Approach Her?

Be direct and honest with your approach.

Ask her out.

That is really it.

When you waste too much time thinking about how you should approach a girl, it makes it that much more difficult to do and to execute.

You will begin to wonder if you should say this or that.

You will begin to wonder about what time or place would be the best place to approach her.

There is no good time or place.

There is simply wherever you are.

If you want to start off with a little conversation first before asking her out but you are not sure what to talk about, you could use the environment that you are in.

Simply use where you are as a topic of discussion.

Hence, whether you are in class, at work, the mall, the movies, use your environment as an initial topic of discussion.

For example, if you see her in the mall, you could ask her about what she thinks about the new store that just opened in the mall.

You could tell her that you have been curious about it and was wondering what other people thought about it.

Again, this is just an example but you get the point.

If you are just too uncertain of what topic to open up discussion about, simply use your environment for starters.

There is a good chance that the conversation will soon move on to other topics and the both of you will start getting more comfortable around each other.

However, do understand that if you choose to have a conversation first before asking her out, you should keep the conversation relatively short.

You can’t allow yourself to get so deep into the conversation that you begin to forget what you approached her for in the first place.

That’s the problem with starting off on conversation that becomes long-winded.

The longer the conversation lasts, the more likely that things will start veering out of course.

In other words, you may get so caught up in the conversation that you may not quite know how to introduce the question of asking her out.

You may get so deep into the conversation that it would just seem too unnatural for you to bring up the topic of asking her out.

Hence, you refrain from doing so because it just doesn’t feel right.

At this point, you have lost an opportunity to ask her out.

You may also lose any degree of confidence that you had to start with.

Hence, do ask her out as directly as you can.

If you choose not to do this from the start, keep the conversation that you have with her brief and ensure that you ask her out soon after.

I would advise that you don’t talk about more than one or two topics before you actually ask her out.

This is how you approach this crush that likes you.

Don’t make assumptions that because she likes you she is going to give you all the right signals of interest.

Hence, don’t be looking for continuous eye contact, smiles or compliments.

There is a chance that your crush may be shy.

As a result, she may not really do all of these things.

If you spend too much time trying to see if she does these things, you may be waiting indefinitely and this would only delay your approach.

Hence, if you are interested in the girl, just go for it.

Ask her out directly or in quick order after a short conversation.

This is the most effective way to approach this girl who likes you.

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