My Crush Likes Me, How Do I Go About Approaching Her?

A crush who likes you is great news, but you have work to do that mustn’t be ignored.

My Crush Likes Me, How Do I Go About Approaching Her?It’s imperative you ask out your crush.

Wasting too much time thinking about how you approach her, makes it harder to execute.

While in thought, you question whether to say this or that.

You fret over what time or place is the best place to approach her.

This is a waste of time.

The truth is, there is no good time or place.

There is, wherever you are.

Not everyone has the courage to ask their crush out directly.

On that account, conversation is an option.

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Nothing wrong with a little conversation beforehand.

Not sure what to talk about?

Use the environment you are in.

Whether you are in class, at work, the mall, or the movies, use your environment as an initial topic of discussion.

For example, when you see her in the mall, ask her about what she thinks about the new store that just opened.

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You have been curious about it and want to hear her thoughts on it.

Soon, the conversation transitions into other topics and further rapport is established with her.

Keep the conversation relatively short.

Don’t get so deep into the conversation that you forget what you approached her for in the first place.

A conversation that introduces in excess of three topics is too much and too long.

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That’s the trouble with conversation that progresses into long-windedness.

The longer the conversation lasts, the greater the likelihood it veers off course.

You get so caught up in the conversation that you don’t know how to introduce the question of asking her out and refrain from doing so, as it doesn’t feel right.

At this venue, you have lost your moment to ask her out.

You lose any degree of confidence that you had.

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Never forget the goal for approaching her in the first place.

Keep the conversation short and ask her out in the end.

Knowing that your crush likes you doesn’t mean she is gives you clear signs of interest.

Keep from looking for continuous eye contact, smiles or compliments.

There is a possibility that your crush is shy, which means, she doesn’t show these signals.

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Spending too much time waiting to see whether she shows these signals is a wait that is indefinite, especially when she is shy.

When you are interested in the girl, just go for it.

Ask her out directly or in quick order after a short conversation.

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