How To Hold A Good Conversation With A Girl?

How To Hold A Good Conversation With A Girl?

Keep your conversation with her as simple as you can at the start.

In other words, stick to simple topics that would be easier to maintain a light-hearted conversation over.

Avoid heavy topics like politics or religion so early.

Again, keep it simple at first.

Holding the conversation just boils down to you being comfortable enough to allow the conversation to lead where it leads.

If you start a conversation about pop culture for example, you can keep the conversation going by allowing it to naturally flow into other topics.

Those topics could still be related to pop culture or they may be different.

The point is, in order to hold a good conversation with a girl, it should have a natural flow to it.

It shouldn’t feel like you are going off a checklist that you had already preset in your mind or prewritten before you started a conversation with her.

She will be able to tell that you are simply bouncing from topic to topic in an unnatural way and that may actually turn her off.

Go with the flow of the conversation.

As that particular topic starts coming to a close, let it guide you to the next.

Oftentimes, something may happen while you are both on a particular topic that was unexpected.

It may even have to do with your environment. At that moment, you may both get caught up in what just happened and start talking about that instead.

Right there, you have entered another topic of discussion that is unrelated to pop culture but still feels natural because it happened during the course of the conversation.

Another good way to hold a good conversation with a girl is to ask her good questions about herself.

Girls love talking about themselves.

Again, keep it simple at first. You don’t have to come up with the most elaborate and well-thought out questions.

In fact, the simpler the question at first, the better off you might be.

It allows her to respond in a way that is easier for her.

She doesn’t have to think too hard and thereby worry that she will give you a response that isn’t sophisticated.

You don’t want to put her in this position.

By keeping it simple, she is more comfortable with her response because she doesn’t have to think as hard.

Hence, something as simple as asking her what her daily routine is can be a great conversation topic.

It puts her in familiar territory and allows her to think back into her day.

She will be able to bring up activities that you can then identify with and relate to.

This is where the both of you can begin to find similarities in each other and this is often where a connection starts to set in.

This is one of the most effective ways to hold a good conversation with a girl.

You are keeping her in familiar territory where she feels safe.

It also makes her curious about what your daily routine is as well.

She will become curious to know if there are any similarities in how you both go about your day.

This is where she can begin to feel a sense of connection to you to the point where she may want to do a particular activity with you that you both discovered you both do during your days.

It could be deciding to go to a familiar gym together or stopping by that local bakery that you have both just discovered you frequent.

Once a connection is made, conversation becomes so easy that you don’t even have to think too hard about what to talk about.


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