Really Confused If She Likes Me Or Not?

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Really Confused If She Likes Me Or Not?

She will typically try to look in your direction as often as she can if she likes you.

If you have noticed that she keeps looking at you every so often, there is a good chance that she likes you.

Even if she may not be smiling when she looks at you, there is still a strong chance that she likes you.

Some girls will look at a guy all the time but won’t smile because they are shy.

They often worry that if they were to smile, the guy may know that she likes him and that would make her feel uncomfortable.

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Also, a shy girl may look at you often and then look away when you return eye contact.

If you have noticed that this girl keeps looking at you but keeps looking away the moment you establish eye contact with her, there is a good chance that she likes you but she is shy.

By looking away the moment you make eye contact with her, she is showing that she is nervous about locking eyes with you.

She wouldn’t know how to respond to that.

She is afraid that you would look at her and she would simply freeze.

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She is also afraid that you may both lock eyes and just feel really awkward.

In essence, you would both not quite know what to do.

Hence, there will be a sense of awkwardness and she doesn’t want to put herself in that position.

She may also worry that if she were to lock eyes with you, you would know that she likes you.

She worries that this would expose her and possibly even humiliate her.

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So, she tries her best to avoid eye contact the moment she realizes that you have noticed or you are about to notice her.

Another way to know if she likes you or not is in how often you notice her in your presence.

She may go out of her way to ensure that you see her.

You may be in a particular room or area and you notice that she is positioning herself in a way that would allow for you to see her even if she could have easily positioned herself somewhere else.

She may even glance at you a few times as she positions herself just to make sure that you saw her.

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If you keep noticing that she continues to go out of her way to position herself in this way, there is a good chance that she likes you.

She is hoping that you keep noticing her and that at some point you will get the hint and start a conversation with her.

Another way to know whether she likes you or not is when she finds ways to make body contact with you.

She may brush against you from time to time or touch you.

She may hand over an item to you and try to make some kind of body contact in the process.

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Perhaps she puts the item in your hand while touching your hand in the process and lingering for a while before releasing contact.

She may even try to pick particles off of your clothing just so that she can create that bodily contact in the process.

This is how she tries to get closer to you in a physical sense in the hopes that she can create a connection with you.

Hence, you should be cognizant of these signs so that you are aware and thereby know how respond to them.

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