Do Girls Like A Guy To Give Her His Number First Or Ask For Her Number First?

Do Girls Like A Guy To Give Her His Number First Or Ask For Her Number First?

Most girls who are interested in you as the guy would prefer that you ask for her number instead of give her your number first.

When you ask the typical girl for her number, she feels like you may be interested.

If you ultimately use that number to call or text her and start the process of getting to know her or ask her out on a date, she becomes more and more certain that you are being serious.

Oftentimes, a girl wants to feel like she is actually liked by you and being pursued by you.

When you ask for her number, you are being assertive.

She may not be entirely certain of what your intentions are but she knows that you have made some kind of move.

She will then leave it to you to contact her and start getting to know her or ask her out on a date.

There is a certain level of confidence and bravado when you ask a girl for her number.

Many girls will read this as a sign that you do have some level of confidence and are not afraid to go for what you want.

There are certain circumstances where giving the girl your number may work better than asking for hers.

For one, if she asks you for your number first.

Well, if she does this and doesn’t offer to give you her number, she may have a few reasons for doing this.

She may be playing it safe.

She would rather ask for your number in order to avoid any safety or security issues.

Hence, she is being cautious.

She may also ask for your number first and not give you her number when she is actually not interested in you and is trying to end your interaction with her on a polite note.

She may have no intention to use your number but she may not want you to leave feeling like this was all a waste.

In a scenario like this, you should resist the temptation to be pushy.

If she only wants you to give her you number and not give you hers, do so and be on your way.

If you get too pushy with wanting hers as well, you may turn her off and thereby lose any chance of her contacting you.

Another reason why giving her your number first may be a better move in certain circumstances is when you notice that she may be extremely busy focusing on something else.

Perhaps you are trying to talk to her at her work or while she is performing some function.

She may not want to be bothered with an extended conversation that ultimately leads to you requesting her number.

She may not even have her phone around to take your number.

By writing your number down on something and handing it to her or giving her your card, you would be giving her an easy out.

In other words, you wouldn’t be taking up her precious time and you would allow her to ultimately decide whether she wants to use that number when she is no longer preoccupied.

Giving a girl your number in this way shows that you are considerate and this may actually win her over.

This being said, in most circumstances, it is best to ask for her number first.

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