How Do You Work On Your Confidence If You Don’t Feel Desirable?

How Do You Work On Your Confidence If You Don't Feel Desirable?

Focus on working on your confidence and not on your desirability.

If you don’t feel desirable and focus on the belief that you are unattractive, it is a lot harder to work on your confidence.

You need to let go of your desire to be desirable.

Your focus needs to be on what you need to do to make yourself more confident.

It’s best to put yourself in situations where your desirability isn’t important.

So, this is not about suddenly putting yourself out there in social situations in the hopes that somehow you overcome your sense of undesirability.

Start with putting yourself in situations where you feel the most self-assured.

Whatever you know that you are good at, get better at it.

There is never really a ceiling on what you can learn about something and how good you can be at doing it.

Start here.

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Start with activities or situations that you are already confident in and get better at these.

For example, you may have a love for cooking.

Well, how far have you gone with this besides the occasional family get-together or friend get-together where you cook something amazing?

What if you actually took this several steps further and started your own picture, video or written blog about cooking.

What if you started writing a book or journal on some of your best recipes?

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What if you signed up for a cooking competition of some sort that is being hosted locally or nationwide?

Yes, this is where you take your cooking talents to the next level.

You are taking something that you are already good at and getting better at it.

This does wonders for your confidence.

It boosts it in a way that is absolutely stunning.

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Take this strategy and apply it to other areas that you are good at.

Let’s say that you are good at decorating.

Well, what if instead of just looking at magazines about interior decorating, you actually did some interior decorating of your own and post your work on your social media?

You could have done this as a favor to a friend who just moved into a new house or apartment or just done it for free for someone who was looking for the help.

You have posted it to your social media and even other publications that are geared towards that industry.

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You are getting some amazing attention from other interior decorating enthusiasts or just fans who love to look at this type of work.

The confidence boost you get from something like this is profound.

What you discover in using this strategy of getting better at stuff that you are already good at and taking it a step further is that, not only does it increase your confidence, but it now makes you that much more open to trying something totally new and different.

You may start exercising now, which only boosts your confidence that much more.

You may start learning how to dance now.

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Activities that you have avoided doing in the past, you start doing.

Before you know it, your confidence is sky high and you haven’t even thought about desirability in weeks.

In fact, you have no doubt that you are desirable now.

You have experienced how much better you feel as a person just from getting better at these activities.

You have experienced the positive reactions from people as they observed your skill in full display, which helped to make you feel that much more desirable.

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You now have both confidence and a strong sense of desirability.

You are taking that attitude with you wherever you go and that is only going to attract the best romantic admirers to you, whether you are waiting to cash out at a grocery store or pumping gas at a gas station.

You attract them like a magnet.

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