Sharing About Yourself?

Sharing About Yourself?

Sharing about yourself can be somewhat tricky to some who are just starting to date each other or get to know each other.

There is often the worry that you may share too much too soon.

Others worry that they may share too little.

One of the best ways to determine just how much or how little you should share with someone that you are talking to romantically is to simply follow the natural flow of the relationship.

If you are with someone who is sharing quite a lot and you are comfortable doing the same, then you can share just as much as that person is sharing.

If you are with someone who is not sharing as much, it may be because they aren’t quite comfortable enough with you to share more.

This puts you in an interesting position.

If you would feel awkward about sharing more about yourself when this other person isn’t sharing all that much about themselves, you could keep your conversations relatively lighthearted for a while.

This allows you the opportunity to give this person more time in the hopes that they will soon start opening up more and share more about themselves.

However, if you reach a point during the natural flow of your interaction where you feel the need to share more about yourself, you should.

In other words, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from sharing more simply because the person that you are talking to hasn’t done that much sharing about themselves on a more personal level.

If you reach the point where there is something personal about yourself that you want to share and it feels natural to do so at that stage of your interaction with this person, you should do it.

What this often does is let the other person know that it is okay to start sharing more personal information about themselves to you.

At this stage, you would have taken your time in keeping conversations with this person lighthearted enough that they will probably feel more comfortable with sharing more personal information about themselves to you.

However, if you share this personal information and they still don’t respond with sharing something more personal about themselves to you, try not to feel discouraged by it.

They may simply need more time to open up to you.

If they appeared interested in the personal story that you just shared and asked you follow-up questions about it, that lets you know that they are still interested in you.

This is a good sign.

With a person like this, it will really only be a matter of time before they start opening up to you by sharing their own personal stories.

Hence, the best way to go about knowing when and how much or how little to share is to simply go off the energy of the interaction and its natural flow.

As long as the interaction between the both of you is consistent, there will be a natural fluidity to your conversations.

This will lead to the both of you sharing more about yourselves in more of a natural way.

It will just flow with how the interaction is going.

Again, sometimes, one party may be a little slower to start sharing more personal stories about themselves.

However, you shouldn’t force the issue.

Share a personal story when you feel comfortable doing so but don’t expect the other person to follow suit.

This way, you aren’t putting pressure on them.

As long as they show genuine interest in the personal story that you have shared, there is a chance that this person will soon start sharing their own personal stories.

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