Does This Girl Want Me?

Does This Girl Want Me?

She wants you if she is often looking your way and smiling at you.

She wants you when she gives you a lot of compliments that seem to come out of nowhere.

She wants you when she talks to her friends incessantly about you.

She wants you when she is constantly making her time available to talk to you or go out with you even when she has very little notice.

There are a number of ways for you to know that this girl wants you.

However, in the end, no matter how many signs or signals she gives you that seem like she wants you, you still have to make a move.

The longer you wait around asking or wondering if she wants you, the more precious time you are wasting.

She may want you to talk to her right now and ask her out.

She may want you to show her that you are truly interested in her right now.

She may want you to start flirting with her today and consequently ask her out.

However, you are stuck wondering whether she wants you.

You could stay stuck wondering whether she wants you until it is too late.

By the time you realize that you are going to make a move on her and ask her out, she may have already moved on.

She may entertain your request and be tempted.

However, she wants some other guy now or she has just lost that initial flame of excitement whenever she thought about you.

As a result, she decides to turn down your request.

If only you had asked her a week or two earlier.

You didn’t.

Now you have lost her.

This is why you should never allow yourself to get stuck constantly wondering if she wants you.

You will fall into the trap of watching her every move and trying to interpret it in some way.

She may have smiled at you today and you surmise that she likes you.

But then, you still don’t make a move.

The next day, she doesn’t smile at you, she just gives you a quick look or doesn’t look in your direction at all.

Now you are panicked.

You wonder why she was so different today.

Perhaps you were right in not making a move on her the other day when she did smile at you.

However, the following day, she smiles at you again and even waves in your direction.

You are back to thinking that she really wants you and you are so excited.

However, the moment passes and you still do nothing.

You don’t approach her. You don’t talk to her. You don’t ask her out.

This cycle continues week after week until you suddenly notice that she is walking with some other guy.

You wonder who that guy is.

You consequently find out that the guy is her new boyfriend.

You have now missed out on what could have been a real opportunity for you to ask her out and date her because you kept observing and wondering without taking action.

Stop overthinking this.

Take action today.

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